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Download my free audio training.
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You’re here to reclaim your personal freedom!
You’re ready to help people transform their lives, grow a purposeful and profitable business with an ever-increasing flow of loyal clients

& travel to gorgeous islands where you host luxury retreats after finally quitting that dull 9-5.

I’m Gaelle, a Freedom & Business Coach.

I mentor women who are unfulfilled in their career to create a thriving online coaching business by finding their unique voice and being powerfully clear on their niche and marketing strategies so that they can have the financial and personal freedom to do what they love while traveling anywhere in the world.

As I lived in France, England, Switzerland, USA, and Mexico, I can assure you there are a lot of layers of childhood education and social conditioning that convince you to live an average life, from being the perfect daughter to the loyal employee.

Now, if you want to reclaim your personal and financial freedom by starting your own online business, you are in the right place! There is nothing more fulfilling than living your Purpose and helping others, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

You’re meant for having a HUGE impact and you can feel deep down there is something bigger, a purpose to your life.

But you don’t know how to go from having the dream of a laptop lifestyle to growing a thriving business that will allow you to travel and enjoy your Life in the richer way you deserve.

Let’s discover your inner Free Spirit and take you from a gloomy office to your booming business and laptop lifestyle!

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Gaelle has a great mind for strategy!

“She’s creative in finding unique solutions and always willing to offer new ideas. If you’re with her, you’re in good hands!

Melissa Pharr

Online Business & Marketing Strategist, WealthWorks, Inc

My Fast Track Intensive with Gaelle was a game changer for me!

“I am a new coach setting myself up with an in-person and online relationship coaching business. When I met with Gaelle, I was feeling overwhelmed and pulled in a lot of directions as I have a broad skill set. I had set up a landing page for my website but it was too broad in scope yet I wasn’t sure how to make it more focused and who my niche market should be.

Over the course of the 3-hour Fast Track, Gaelle helped me to narrow down my niche, hone in on my offer and the benefits of working with me and crafted my mission statement. She helped me to gain clarity on where I need to focus my efforts at the moment and what I can let go of. I now have clarity in the areas where I felt confused and have a roadmap to follow as I build my new website and launch my business.

Gaelle’s gentle yet direct manner really worked for me in terms of her calling-it-like-it-is but not making me feel judged for making decisions that haven’t necessarily served me. She helped me to really see the forest from the trees for the first time.

I am so grateful for Gaelle’s insight, experience, wisdom and her direct yet supportive approach and I have since signed up to work with her privately for the next six month and I can’t wait to get started as I know it will be the best investment in me and my business!”

Nicole Keefler

Divorce Recovery and Relationship Coach, NicoleKeefler.com

Birgit booked her first high-paying clients.

  • She grew her Facebook group to 140 members,
  • She participated as in expert in an online summit,
  • She was a keynote speaker at an event in Los Angeles,
  • She got into the spotlight at an event in Zurich and got 30 appointments as a result.

Birgit Pestalozzi

Love Coach, thehappyheartcoach.ch

I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client for my 6-month coaching program.

I can’t THANK YOU enough Gaelle for your Mindset training. It has literally CHANGED MY LIFE and business.

I’ve been successful in business and have no shortage of clients for the last number of years but have always been afraid of raising my prices and charging what truly reflects the value of what I offer.

Within 4 WEEKS of doing your training, I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client for my 6-month coaching program and was able to confidently charge $4500 which felt in complete integrity with the value that I offer.

The BEST part was that, when the client “questioned” the rate at $/hr, I was able to completely own my value and demonstrate why the price is what it is. Within 3 weeks of our discovery call, he emailed me to say YES!

This has been a dream of mine for YEARS and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have received your training and to have made this leap from undercharging to charging what I’m worth. THANK YOU”

Christy Nichol

Movement & Mindset Coach, ChristyNichol.com