I remember a few years ago when I was saying I would change my life, become my own boss and be a digital nomad, to travel while working online. It was difficult to see how this could be possible at the time. The more I was brainstorming ideas on paper, the more reasons I kept finding why it wouldn’t work.

One day, one of my friends told me:

“You can have a million of the best intentions in the world; it will lead you nowhere without taking actions.

And that was the electroshock I needed. My friend was right. I could talk and talk and talk forever, without doing anything, and I would be in the same place 5 years later.

The #1 habit you have to banish is to stop saying “I cant.” As an Entrepreneur you have to open your mind, find the solution, to not become part of the problem.

When you always GO for the solution, you will teach yourself to FIND the solution.

For example, when you say “I can’t do this” or “I can’t afford it,” your brain shuts down.

It learns that anytime you go for your desire or anytime there is the topic of money coming in, then it should just go dormant, and not do anything.

Now, instead, ask yourself: “How can I do/afford this?”  How does it make you feel?

Your brain is put to work to find a solution. That’s one of the keys successful people use to think differently.

Make a choice to DO what it takes to live your dream, GET the resources and teachings you need, and then IMPLEMENT them.

So many people stop at the learning stage, and that’s why there are NOT successful.

They don’t write all the possibilities, crazy or not, on a piece of paper, and they don’t let their brain search for them.

They have the belief they “can’t do it, ” and that’s sabotaging their mind and consciousness not to find an answer!

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