Why increasing Happiness?

Because happiness is a result as well as a DRIVER. We are definitely more productive and efficient when we are happier.
We all have a baseline for happiness.
And we can actually increase this baseline by doing small easy things


Here is a list of scientifically proven ways to increase your happiness so you can reach Success faster.

1. Move Your Body!

Exercise is an excellent way to feel better in your body. A study also showed that individuals who suffered from depression actually had a much smaller relapse rate when they were treating their depression with exercise (only 9% of relapse rate) compared to treating it with medication (where 38% have slipped back into depression)




2. Be Social

Call a friend or family or spend time with other people just to catch up, be mindful to be both the giver and also the receiver as this should be a two way exchange.

3. Learn Something New and Fun

Pick up a book or a class on a subject that is not related to your work like the basics of a new language for example

4. Be Creative

Sing a song, paint a picture, bake bread, write a poem, play a musical instrument, etc.



5. Help others

Give away $5, do a random act of kindness, be generous with your time: 100 Hours a Year is the Magic Number, your attention, your money and your heart, see the good in others.

6. Act in Integrity

Do the right thing for the right reasons and put integrity over getting what you want in the short term.

7. Laugh and practice smiling

Consciously seek activities that make you laugh to reduce pain, improve your mood and think better. My favorite: Listening to a comedian or taking laughter yoga class.




8. Get Outside

Spend 5 minutes in the sun, walk on the beach, do some gardening, lie down on the grass, go on a picnic in the park, etc …

9. Practice Gratitude

Become present to all that you have and express your gratitude to what Life provides you whether it is material things or lessons.

10. Be Optimistic

Lean into the silver lining, and look to discover the opportunity that is present in all disappointments and misfortunes.

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