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Last weekend, I sat down for 1 hour with Chris, the Canadian man who built the building across from where I live.

The funny (slightly embarrassing) story begins with the bar that’s on the first floor of his building. He owns the bar and has a manager to run it.

On January 9th, during the massive world-renowned electro festival of Playa del Carmen called BPM, I was so pissed at the noise the bar was making that I sent a “novel” (aka a very long message) to Chris to defend my right to sleep (my efforts to communicate to the manager were fruitless obviously).

His answer was:Thank you for your message. I own and operate over 30 companies in Mexico, Canada, and USA with revenues over $100 million. I only reply to you because I have met you. Please take your concerns up with the manager. I do not have the time.

Did that ever happen to you? OOPS 🙂

To tell you the truth, if you are close to me, you know that’s typical me. I am often blind to differences of status, and I talk to people regardless of their titles. That happened to me a lot in corporate, too, and landed me some great opportunities as I was always speaking my mind to leadership about what could we do more efficiently. #storyofmylife

Well, two weeks ago, I asked Chris if I could interview him as a relatively new entrepreneur myself compared to him (I was 3 years old when he started his own company!) and that I would love to get his perspective as he is an example of success.

He answered, “Sure.” And then I suggested meeting 14 days later (typical of me too!).

So last weekend we met for one hour, and it was super interesting and insightful! I already shared the golden nuggets I learned from him in my #MondayMindset video in my Facebook group “Finding Yourself Abroad”.

You can catch the video using this link: The 10 Biggest Golden Nuggets I Learned From A Successful Entrepreneur Who Makes $100 Million In Revenue With More Than 30 Businesses In The US, Canada, and Mexico.

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to meet with him because so many lessons apply to the coaching industry when you are in the early stages of building your business.

Please let me know in the comments section below, which ones from the video you most resonate with and why!




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