Have you been struggling to get your first paying clients in your online coaching business despite being visible?
Are you wondering if that’s because of your “niche”?


I know how it feels.
End of 2015 I was exactly at that place, I was fresh out of a 1-year online business and coaching program and diligently applying everything I learned but I couldn’t get any clients.
Fast forward one year later, I had my first 5-figure month.
Fast forward one more year, I am launching my group program to help other online coaches to get their business off the ground.

When new coaches come to me, there are usually 3 main reasons why they are not getting any clients:
1.They have no idea who their ideal client is OR their niche isn’t specific enough
2. They are conveying the wrong message OR their message isn’t head-turning quality
3.They don’t have an interesting offer OR they wrapped it in a very nasty-looking paper-wrap


Are you wondering if one of these reasons applies to you?
If you’re not selling, then the answer is YES.


The thing is that once you figure out #1 (who’s your ideal client), you can easily figure out #2 and #3 by doing market research.
But if you don’t know #1, then you can’t do market research interviews because you don’t know who to ask questions to 🙁


So if you have picked a niche already, then test it by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  • Can I help them solve their problem and will my service provide a significant transformation?
  • Are they aware I can help them?
  • Will I enjoy coaching this person or will it give me sleepless nights for the next 3 months?
  • Can they pay for my service and are they willing to pay for my services?

If you’re not even sure who your ideal client is and need help to know who’s your target market, where to find them and how to conduct market research,

just check out this free webinar “3 simple strategies to KNOW and FIND your target market to start getting clients!”

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