Do you feel like you’re doing your best but nobody seems to be interested in getting your services?

When my clients start getting excited to create a program or a product, I can’t stress to them enough that they need to TEST THEIR IDEA FIRST with their market. This is such a critical step. Whether they do it by conducting market research interviews or by polling their tribe in their Facebook group or email list, they need to test if their idea is appealing to their audience!

Here are 3 main reasons why you’re not selling packages:

  • Your product is not interesting
  • You are conveying the wrong message
  • You don’t have the right audience

Let’s assume for this time that you checked your product using one of the 2 techniques I shared with you above and it is appealing to your audience and that you are using the right message to share your product (check this free PDF to make sure your messaging is magnetizing!)

Then, the last piece of the process you need to check is: Is this the right audience? If you’re not selling: The answer is NO.

Then ask yourself these 4 questions to find out if a new person is a right client:

  • Can you help them solve their problem and will your service provide a significant transformation?
  • Are they aware you can help them?
  • Will you enjoy coaching this person or will it give you sleepless nights for the next 3 months?
  • Can they pay for your service and are they willing to pay for your services?

When you know the answers to these questions, you will be able to start selling your packages to the right clients and have more confidence in being a coach!

Let me know your thoughts and what resonates with you by writing a comment below!

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