One year ago I didn’t like getting on a discovery call trying to sell my packages or retreats. It wasn’t after I got a clear structure that I actually started enjoying them and had feedback from women who signed up as my client that they barely felt like there had been a sales call at all!

Here are 5 keys I always share with my clients to make sure they know HOW to conduct their sales call to get their prospect to sign-up on the phone with them!

1. Get crystal clear on the pain points of your potential clients and that you investigate those together to understand what it means if nothing changes or nothing gets done

2. Ask them if they are committed to take actions to make a change in their life right now. Is this a priority for them? Why does it need to happen now?

3. Repeat for their benefit the summary of your understanding from their situation. Hearing it will make them realize better their reality.

4. Talk about your program in a way that couples each of their pain points with a specific part of your program that is the solution to their pain points.

5. After sharing about your program, ask them what they think about the program, and if this is the right program for them, and why?

What about you? Do you enjoy being on a discovery call with your potential clients? Do you feel nervous? Are you afraid to sell?

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