Have you ever been in the situation when you had a great sales call with someone, you’re feeling super confident you have a new client, you’ve sent the contract over to be signed, and nothing happens? How did you feel?

I remember one of my first sales calls was like that and it was EXCRUCIATING!

I didn’t know if I had a new client or not. Like I say to my clients now: There is no new sale until the money is in your account! A sad but true story as I experienced it myself at the beginning in my coaching business.

I was waiting hours and then days in the hope that they would make the payment. One even signed the contract but never made the payment!

If you ask me, this is the moment I hate the most in the sales process. You could ask me: “Why don’t you get the payment on the phone?” I used to think this wasn’t me and I thought it was too pushy. But the truth is: Taking fast actions is crucial in business.

Now, I’ve learned to reduce this uncomfortable moment to the minimum by making the following 5 changes to my sales process:

  1. During the call, I make sure to discuss with them about what their life would look like if they had a successful online business and what it would mean for them in terms of dreams and desires being fulfilled.
  2. I make sure that during the call, we talk about why they need to make a change now to double-check their level of urgency and their commitment to getting their business off-the-ground.
  3. After describing my program, I ask them if they think this is the right program for them and if they believe I am the right coach for them. This assists them to be clear about the decision they need to make and if they feel it or not. It also helps them to unpack gently any other concerns they may have.
  4. After I mention the price, I offer a Fast Action bonus or discount: While I understand why they need to sleep on it, I also know that being stuck in indecision isn’t comfortable for them either. So it is supporting them in being the entrepreneur they want to be by giving them this little nudge to take fast decisions. I used to give them 24 hours to enroll but I challenged that limiting belief I had and decided to offer a Fast Action bonus or discount only for peeps who enroll while on the phone with me. Since I made that change, I had no problems enrolling clients on the phone at $5,000 or $7,500 price points.
  5. At the end of the call, I make sure we are clear on what action steps they need to take and by when if I schedule a follow-up call with them a few days later.

This eases the waiting time. Most of the time, they will make the purchase on the call or before the follow-up session and we will use it as an on-boarding session. Sometimes they make the purchase on the phone during the follow-up sessions. In rare cases when a significant other was involved, it could take up to 2 weeks and 3 follow-up sessions for a prospect to turn into a client. 

If you’re in this blurry zone, I recommend not focusing on it and letting it go. You have to keep your mindset rocking and assume the best! It will come as a  happy surprise to have the payment notification in your email next morning! By keeping stuck in doubt and fear of one client not paying, you will lower your vibration and mindset when it’s critical to keep it high.

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