It’s the 1st of the month already! Isn’t time flying fast?

In your business, it is super important to take this time to reflect back on your past month.

You can use a weekly dashboard with metrics that are important in your business to make sure your strategies and efforts are successful (work smarter, not harder!). I explain in the video below what metrics my clients and I use every week to measure the health of their business.

But sometimes, strategies take longer than a week to be fruitful. It’s important to take the time every month to reflect back on the four weeks of efforts and strategies you’ve used. That way, you’re able to prune the ones that don’t serve you or give you any results and to focus more on the things that are useful in growing your business and helping you to sign up clients.

Here are the 5-steps I use every month to make sure my business is on track to meeting its goals and being a success:

(For more details about each step, watch this video that’s part of my weekly #mondaymindsetbooster livestream in Facebook) 

Step #1: Reflect:

  • How was April for you? Look at your weekly dashboard/spreadsheet and note what worked and what didn’t.

Step #2: Goals:

  • Did you create specific goals for April? How did you perform against your goals? (I recommend choosing ONLY ONE goal per month, so you keep being laser-focused and avoid distractions and shiny object syndrome).

Step #3: Strategies:

  • How many relationships did you build this month?
  • How many people joined your list? Your group? Your social media?
  • How many newsletters did you produce to nurture your list?
  • How many videos did you create to build your know-like-trust factor with potential prospects?
  • What pampering and self-care did you do?
  • Which books did you read?
  • What amazing experiences did you have on weekends/time off?

Step #4: Wins:

  • What big (or small) wins did you get? What lessons did you learn? Did you celebrate your wins and lessons? If not, how will you celebrate them and when?

Step #5: Next:

  • Set ONE specific goal and ONE theme for the upcoming month. How many clients would you like? For which products? Which marketing strategies will you use or need to fine-tune to achieve your goal? Who could you reach out to for help so you can reach your goals faster or more efficiently? How could your social media help? What press release can you prepare to help you achieve your goals?

Feel free to watch this 25-minute video to make sure you get all the details about this 5-steps monthly routine that can help you reach your goals whether it is booking your next client, making your first $5-10k month or creating your new program or retreat!

Comment below or in the FB group what is your #1 goal this month and build accountability with other lady bosses who are on the same journey as you!

Let me know your thoughts and what resonates with you by writing a comment below!

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