Hello Fellow Freedom Lover 🙂

If you want to break free from the mold, to live your dream Lifestyle now instead of when you’ll retire, we are on the same page Lady!

You want to create a business that’s the sum of your passions, that allows you to travel and turn your bucket list into reality today?

Time and Freedom are the most important thing in the world for you?
Then you’re in the right place!
My name is Gaëlle (hint: you pronounce it the same as “Gail” in English!).

I am a Freedom & Business Coach and love inspiring transformations in free spirits just like you!
I help women entrepreneurs who are tired of the hustle to find their authentic self, better harmony & flow in their life so they can enjoy more freedom and the feeling of being supported by their business instead of a slave to it.

How do I do that?

I help them transform from the inside out to really connect with their heart-felt purpose and to stand up for what they truly desire, without “I should” or fear.

I help them create the business systems and processes that are efficient, more profitable and perfectly aligned with their dream lifestyle and their personal definition of success.

But most importantly, I teach them to allow their feminine and intuition to take the lead so they can live a fulfilling, pleasurable life full of love, harmony and balance now.

I’m fired up every morning to grow a revolution in the business world by creating this movement for the New Woman Entrepreneur, because she deserves to enjoy her Life as much as she enjoys her Business.

If like me, you’re tired of the sketchy ways of doing marketing or to be taught to hustle and push yourself to burnout to succeed, then you will love this Movement.. It’s all about doing business smarter, not harder!


Our work together is really about aligning with your deeper WHY,
so you can show up in crazy authentic way and feel you’re 100% honest with yourself + love the way you make impact into your life and the lives of others.

By working together, you become:

  • Crystal clear about what’s your unique gift and what you came into this world to do right in this moment
  • Mesmerizing as we discover what’s fascinating about you and what makes clients wanna work with you and no one else!
  • Confident charging what you’re worth and serving premium clients who love you!
  • Laser focused on simple do-able action steps to build the right systems and structures that will bring you a consistent stream of clients
  • Queen at taking care of yourself, managing your emotions and navigating the journey of being a New Woman Entrepreneur


“We are not hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of our life,
we can create our dream reality.”


Trust me: I know what you’re going through. I’ve been exactly where you are, and my clients have all been there too.

To start: I was feeling miserable sitting at my corporate desk, crying, as I knew I didn’t have the control I wanted to have over my career. I was freezing in the long winters of Cincinnati, Ohio (It’s in the USA) and never had enough vacation to travel AND visit my family in France.

When my niece was two years old, I realized there must be more to Life than this rat race for career, financial success and social recognition. I had it all but it didn’t mean anything! And I couldn’t lie to myself anymore because my body slowed me down by falling sick to remind me that Happiness and Fulfillment are necessary in Life.

That’s when I decided to re-design my Life. So I sold everything I had, started traveling the world and began to create my dream lifestyle.

I knew something bigger was possible but that no one else was going to do it for me.

I started my online coaching business and reached my first $10k/month in my first year of business, launched a group program the year after but then I fell into another trap: the online hustle. My business grew fast and its demands in time and investment too. My happiness and fulfillment went down again.

And I realized a lot of what was taught had been taught by men gurus, male marketers who think like men, act like men, do business like men…

And the Truth is: Women function completely differently. Hustle means exhaustion and burnout for us down the road.

When I realized I was going the wrong way (like you might be realizing right now too), it took me more than a year to discover how to lead my business from a flowing energy, with more time for myself and I took another half year of introspection to really realign with my purpose and passion.

Now I enjoy my Freedom. I am in Mexico during the winter, enjoy my annual Spring retreat in Bali, spend summer vacation in France and swing by the USA or other countries the rest of the time.

Are you ready to enjoy your dream business, your freedom lifestyle and have the future you crave NOW?

Click here to find out the different ways I can help you achieve faster the success you desire without the headaches that DIY entrepreneurs struggle and fail with.




I’m originally from France. But in the last two decades, I lived in the UK, Switzerland, the US, Bali and Mexico as well, so I took the best of each culture!

I graduated with a Masters in Food Engineering. I was a Sensory Research Scientist and then became a Communication Manager specialized in change management for the world leader in the food & flavour industry (are you a foodie too?)

I diligently followed for ten years the check-list that society taught me about happiness & success: I went up the corporate ladder, accumulated electronics and kitchen gadgets and I tried hard to make sense of this but I was happy only when I was traveling the world. After ten years, I realized I didn’t want to spend the next three decades on the same hamster wheel, though. I wanted to create a freedom-based business that would allow me to have a positive impact on other people’s life while making great money in the process (because that helps many more people too!)

I sold everything, quit my job (that was impossible without a huge change in my mindset!) and got on a plane to start traveling the world. Shortly after, I reconnected with that intuition that being a Coach is what I’ve always dreamed of. I made my first $10k/month in my first year of business and launched my group program a year later.

In Feb 2018, I made a 5-figure investment on a credit card for an 8-week training to scale up my business to 6-figure using Facebook ads and webinars to get clients on demand.

For the first time ever, I never made any return on investment, not one cent. I hustled. I felt like a failure and wondered if I had reached the limits of my intelligence. If you ever thought “I’m not enough”, you know exactly how I felt 🙁

One day, in a Facebook group, a woman asked if it was normal a coach suggest to sell her car and get a loan to work with him. I knew that “sales talk”, where it was coming from that training and I couldn’t back it up anymore. The program was led by a lot of men, in a military way. I was already the strong independent Type-A woman at that time but you needed to become a shark to succeed in their model. And deep inside, I’m not.

For 6 more months, I gave myself space and time to think about a way to align my purpose with my soul. I only worked 25h per month and invested in a femininity coach, in NLP training, read a lot about consciousness, learned to be ok with not working for entire days, just nourishing myself.

It wasn’t easy to let go… Most of the time, it felt like giant chaos and being lost. My introspections led me to Bali for 2 months for more reflection, journaling and yoga.

I realized internet marketing is a lot led by men gurus and that if women use that style, they become machines, work hard and sooner or later reach burnout or loose their passion. I’ve witnessed women entrepreneurs who built 7-figure monster companies that’s making them sick and unhappy and they are scared to death everything is gonna crash in the next 2 months but they can’t stop the train and the madness.

Since that experience, I let go of the BS  hustle we are taught, I let go of the BS dream of 7-figure businesses and realized living my life now is more important for me: to have time to visit my family and 2 nieces, to discover places others only dream of.

I completely changed my services and the energy in my business. I incorporated what I learned from that deep introspection in my services to mentor women to shift from hustle to flow and to live their lives on their own terms, with a lot more freedom, to be the New woman Entrepreneur.

My business is simpler, I work less and it is still reaching $10k/month if needed. But most importantly, I’m now able to have ultimate freedom to travel 2 months to Bali, 3 months in France and live in the warm Caribbean in the winter. I’m able to take one month off or more without stress.

Please remember that if I’ve done it, it’s possible for you too!
Are you ready?

The amazing lifestyle I have full of travels, freedom, and purpose is close to you.
Not a year or two away, it’s available to you NOW!

I know how it can get tough when you’re not sure about what you want, when limiting beliefs convince you that you can’t have it, when you doubt yourself and your ego scares the #$% out of you by hammering the “what-if-I-fail” song to you all day long.

I’ll be honest with you, the biggest leaps I got in my transformation were from having 1-on-1 coaches who gave me support, guidance, and accountability every week to build my business. Having someone from the outside who has been there was seriously the best thing ever to keep me out of my head where worries and fears tried to creep in.

I know that trying to do it all alone is super hard, if not impossible! You can waste months or even years (without mentioning money!) doomed with fear and doubts, self-sabotaging your dream.

I’m a trailblazer, someone who doesn’t follow the rule book. The first package I sold was a private retreat in the Caribbean when all rule books advised to start by being fully booked with one-on-one clients that pay you $40/hour!


I help women see what I can see in them: their true potential


You have an extraordinary gift inside of you, and I want you to bring it into the world now. Because so many other people need it today.

I’ll give you powerful insights and inspirations and will share my expertise with you, customize it to your needs so that you can start living your freedom lifestyle so much faster, without the trials, mistakes, and headaches, that I went through.

Creating your successful online coaching business doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to feel lonely or overwhelmed, and it doesn’t have to take years.

It can be easy, joyful and fast.

Please stop wishing you were someone else and start appreciating the amazing person that you are.

There is no perfect moment to make the change! One year from now, you’ll wish you started yesterday!

Some random things I love that make me happy:

massage, chocolate, incense, candles, flowers, the blue of the Caribbean sea and the beach, sushis, travel, stretching myself outside my comfort zone, volunteering, arts, crying of gratefulness while I read thank you notes from my clients, acroyoga, my nieces, sunset over the ocean, banana chocolate chip ice-cream and yellow mangoes.

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