Today, I was reflecting about how I’m hiding during conversations on dating apps and I wondered where was I hiding as well, maybe in my business, because:

How we do one thing is how we do everything!
Martha beck

So here is what happened: I matched with one guy and started writing about two of my favorite topics: Travel and Business.

  But as I was writing, I quickly realized that I tried to downplay my life and my lifestyle. I didn’t want to show off, telling I had lived in Switzerland for couple of years and then in the USA for about 10 years and that I was coming back to Bordeaux from living in Mexico.

  I didn’t really want to explain that I was enjoying winter in Mexico for the last 5 years because France is too cold. When I’m in Mexico, it’s the #normal. But when I’m in France or the USA: it’s NOT normal.

  Travel topic wasn’t that great after all, so I looked at the randomly picked questions the app suggested us to answer as a sort of game to start conversation.

Music. “What’s the last song you listened to?”


Me: Binaural beats… to stay focused on my business tasks? Shit! I can’t say that. How weird am I gonna look?

What was the one music before that? My overnight subliminal affirmations soundtrack to reprogram my brain and upgrade my money story?


What other sides of me are quirky?

And that is just a scratch to the surface, I get overly excited about:

  • food,
  • fragranced candles,
  • teas and infusions,
  • spa and massages
  • and National Geographic documentary series like One Strange Rock.

I also use pranayama, the 6,000 years old yogic practice of breath control, to get energized, focused, relaxed or to empty my mind.

I’m curious about plant medicine, our shadow self in psychology, NLP, and I believe in energies and that we are one consciousness looking at itself.

For some people, it’s a bit out there. That’s the moment where you either closed this browser window and stop reading this post (maybe even bitching about the 4 minutes you lost reading up to here). So that’s why I keep all these pieces to myself.


You get overly excited by what I just said. (Can we be weirdo together?) What else do I geek about personally in my business… That I’ve only shared to my 2 mastermind biz besties every week?

  • Being free to be 100% authentic in your life and business (the irony!)
  • Doing business in a more feminine way because I’m so tired of the hustle mentality that led me (and other women) to burnout
  • The energetic of doing business (no crystals I promise!)
  • New business widgets we can use to better know and engage with our audience.
  • An all the behind-the-scene of being a woman entrepreneur. Meaning having a business AND HAVING A LIFE and trying to NOT look like an alien most of the times

Maybe you resonate with that too? Maybe you feel:

  • tired of fake entrepreneurs with a Chanel bag they put on their credit card,
  • stressed by the pushy marketing techniques and coaches sharing how to create a complicated 339-step funnel
  • your mindset and your energy plays a lot in your life as a woman and it reflects in your business and in your moods
  • excited at the idea to have a minimalist business: simple but yet powerful with just what you need for it to be efficient
  • you deserve to to enjoy your life now, at the same time as you are building or managing your business and creating your legacy because your legacy is also about showing the New Woman Entrepreneur role model of having a business and a life at the same time.

Who are we secretly drawn to?

When I look at who I admire in business on social media, they are people who openly own the weird things they are into and who I resonate with (OMG! This person is also curious about plan medicine or shadow, YEY, I wanna listen to this person and geek with her!)

We connect through things we both think are weird but that we rave about 24/7. They share a story and I feel the EXACT same thing, I think the same thoughts, it’s like they are reading my mind or spying on me… Sometimes, I admire them because they are able to articulate with words something that was still blurry in my mind or in my heart and I fall in love with their words and I want to learn more about what they know and what they think.

Why telling your ENTIRE story is more powerful

These weird topics I keep for myself or resonate with when I see someone speaking them are the ones I can speak about for hours. let me rephrase… for HOURS. These are the topics I am the most passionate about. This is when I’m the most myself. 100%.

And as a Freedom & Business Coach, I talk about my Freedom lifestyle, traveling the world, and also of course the How-to of starting an online service based business and scaling to $10k/month with a high-ticket offer. But I don’t want to build an audience of peeps who love me only for my engineer brain and the nuts and bolts or business strategy and processes I like to publicly geek about.

Because I also want to speak about energy, ways to relax yourself when you have a tough day in your business, or mindset tricks to deal with uncertainty.

When you speak your truth, in your life AND in your business, you get to:

  • accept all the parts of yourself
  • stand up for what you believe and model that to others
  • find the other weirdos like you so you can get excited together
  • build a real audience full of peeps who love you completely (even your weirdness)
  • repel the people who don’t align with you and your world vision (less haters, more love)

The Power of Storytelling

The best way to share who you are (online and offline) is to master how to tell Client Attracting Stories in both your personal and business conversations because:

  • Storytelling naturally engages others
  • Storytelling shows your values, principles and ethics
  • Storytelling attracts ideal clients who share the same values
  • Storytelling makes you and your business stand out online because your story is unique (and so are you!)

Tell me more about you in the comments below: When do you hold back from speaking your truth? What “weird” traits and values are you secretly hiding? Which story can you share to connect with others through these exact quirks?

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