Remember the saying… You are who you surround yourself with?

When I came to Playa del Carmen (Mexico) 3 years ago, I met ton of people who have redesigned their lives.

In a second I was inspired to take a Second chance…

To live the real life I dreamed about.

To start this Business I’ve always wanted.

It’s a contagious energy!


But before landing in Playa, traveling alone and pushing my limits in my 20s prepped me to start my own business.


By reaching out of my comfort zone.

By letting social and cultural conditioning fall apart.

By slowing down.

By opening my mind to different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs…

Traveling allows you to feel free, listen and follow your heart.

Not social pressure.

Personally, I remember the day I sat in front of the Caribbean and promised myself I would come live here before my birthday.


I had no clue how but I had opened my mind to the possibility of changing my life.

And then I took that crazy idea I committed myself to and started playing with it like a puzzle.

I made the necessary space around me, so I could find the space inside my head to think about it.

And the first thing I found was fear and doubt! 🙁

I felt lost.


Maybe you too.

You fear you won’t succeed.

What’s the voice in your head telling you right now?

I am not enough.
I always have to work hard to succeed.
I never finish what I start.
People will criticize me.
I’m lazy

You don’t need to figure it out all alone.

You don’t need to leave your idea behind either.

I love that quote because it is so true!

“When we get the right support, we allow ourselves to dream”

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You are more capable than you think! Give it a try!

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