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May 2020: Hot Seat with Norah from Ireland

“I changed my niche from women with alcohol issues. Now i work with women who are feeling stuck, to help them find their true purpose and then show them the steps to get there. I just did this since February. I worry that it’s too broad, I’d love your opinion because you know me and I value your opinion greatly.”

Q&A: April from Germany

I’m not attracting the right client and I don’t know if the right client exists in my industry (equine). Ideally I would like 3-4 clients at 3K/month or 2 clients at $5k. Should I stop trying to find my ideal client in the industry I am in? I am GREAT at what I do, but all the equine clients or potential clients always try to have my cut back my prices or pay extremely late.

Q&A: Anastasia from France

“How to “pack” my services – and genuinely help people transform and feel much better, or excellent actually, and at the same time charge a relatively high price for it? How to present my abilities, and charge well without sounding greedy?”

Q&A: Juli form Italy

“I’m wondering how to really ask people to hire me. I have maintained a consistent presence online, I get many messages from people telling me they really appreciate what I do and all the help I give, but when I post information about my programs or ask whether anyone would like my support, it’s crickets.”

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