Calendar of the  Calls

These calls were recorded as a service to the community during the pandemic and is a sample of me answering most common Q&A questions regarding business coaching.


Q&A: Kim

How do I start my bookkeeping services? I’m an introvert and find it hard to engage online. How do I find leads?

Q&A: Anne

I have 2 FB groups with 500/1500 members I send out content every week and make lives. I have the first coaching hour for free but I only get few clients to these calls. I would like to attract more people and get some high tickets clients.

Q&A: Kate

I need to be clear on exactly what and how I will create my profitable business. I keep “putting things off” and believing I need to do one more course /training to be qualified…. what are best ways for overcoming these procrastination habits?

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Community Coaching Call August 2021

by Gaelle Lecourt, Freedom & Business Coach | Business Coaching

August 2020: Hot Seat with Roxana

“As a career coach, I have experimented with my niche and got at this point to: I help Professionals and Managers who have lost their faith in themselves in the process of finding jobs in Europe, to receive job offers. Still, it feels is not enough “niched” and I feel stuck. Any advice on how to find your (ideal) niche?”

Q&A: Ilona

“My ideal client is definitely into personal growth and development, but I’ve found this doesn’t mean they’re aware of the impact of early trauma and it doesn’t matter. Maybe the ones who are aware are already dealing with it, OR they’re in perpetual victim mode – both not clients for me? What do you think?”

Q&A: Monica

“My question: How to go from “practice clients” giving me only donations, to “paying clients” that are willing to pay what I want to charge, in order for me to be able to make at least 2500 euros a month within the next 6 months. Where I am now: I have spent the last 6 months qualifying as a transformational coach and gaining more and more coaching experience, but I notice that I feel lost and anxious when I think on how to look for new clients so that I can build a real business with this. Until now, every client has been a referral.”

Q&A: Ilse

“I am still in the process of determining exactly what it is that I wish to offer. I am a new mom and struggle with my new identity And the freedom I wish to have for my family and myself. So I am doing a lot of self development on this. Following a course, self education, trainings etc to find a way to accept my new identity and still be Me and live my life the way I wish next to the life with my family.
This in combination with starting my online business to pursue the freedom.
I am determined to turn all this knowledge into coaching, courses etc so I can help other women with this. However I feel it might be too general to focus on (new) moms going through the same as me right now, help them with this and also help them how they can set up their online business of maybe any business next to having a family. Do you think this is too broad? Should I focus on one of the two or can I combine it but do I need to somehow create more clarity?.”

Q&A: Beri

“I have just finished my Life coaching course and I would like to start my own business. There are many coaches in my town and I do not know how I can make myself known. How can I find my niche? How can I attract people?”

Q&A: Sara

“I have done several exercises to identify my target market on my health coaching business. By the end of them I always have a better understanding of who might be. But then I struggle thinking if my offer would be enough to solve their problem as I want to add several things on the program (food, sleep, stress, mindfulness, spirituality/yoga). I also don’t feel confident enough as in Spain the health coaching certificate isn’t taken very seriously. How can I move on without feeling this blocked? Thank you”

Q&A: Bettina

How to accelerate that I come to the next level?”

Community Coaching Call August 2020

by Gaelle Lecourt, Freedom & Business Coach | Business Coaching

July 2020: Hot Seat with Jana from Finland

“I would like to create a 12-week personalized Pilates program which would consist of both one to one appointments and online training. My target are local business woman’s in their 40-50s who are searching a long term commitment: meaningful personalized workout to stay healthy, feel good and confident in their bodies.
Their pain points are weak neck, core, low back pain.
How should I package this kind of product. What platform should I use? Would mini course be a way to get clients to a longer course? Webinar? Where should I start

Q&A: Alba from Luxembourg

“Difficult to attract my clients. even when I am sure a person would benefit from my help seems like they can not see the value or the fee which is extra low is not worth paying…”

Q&A: Iranui from Palau

“I am a certified coach RelationCare. It’s all about helping people improve their relationships to with people, things, thoughts, emotions so that they can be their selves, be more creative, free themselves from the past, live better relationships (family, love, work). It’s so vast that I can’t decide who I wanna coach. I thought about men wanting to improve their actual relationships or women wanting to feel better and take their life into their hands…I’m scattered”

Q&A: Hellen form France

“Should my business/website name be tied to my niche or is using my name ok? I set up an instagram account under the name chronicnutrition whilst still studying. I now know I need to pick my niche. I’ve chosen to work as a nutrition and health coach specifically to help those with hashimotos thyroiditis. Mainly because this is the autoimmune condition I have that caused me the most difficulties and was the hardest to improve. I’ve now achieved that and want to help others do the same. I’m just in the process of setting up a website and wanted to know the pros and cons of sticking with chronicnutrition, changing to just my name or whether I should tie it in specifically with my niche. Any guidance or thoughts on that would be much appreciated.”

Q&A: Chris from Portugal

“I have other professionals asking to work with me but I’m not even getting prospective clients on discovery calls. I’m vibrating on FB and LI. LI is where I’m getting my professional interest but not getting interest from prospective clients from either platforms. To be fair, it’s only 3 people.”

Q&A: Anna from Germany

“My question is: How can I overcome my fear of failure? My plan is to start out with an online shop incl. blog for alternative menstrual products. I will study in the field of menstruality and plan an online congress and a book on the topic, as well as starting offline women circle, with the option to do so online. I can see all that as a beautiful vision and inner picture, and in fact I am actively working on it/learning/planning every day. Still, I feel fears around my worth compared to competitors and my overall ability to help and support those beautiful women in a way that will really make a change for them. I doubt myself so much. Do you have any idea for my next steps?”

Q&A: Marketa from Monaco

” Got 17 new followers on IG, coming slightly up. But no potential client response,  How i know which hashtags are right for me?

Q&A: Adrien from Hungary

“I have an MLM business with almost no results, and I am starting a service of bioresonance therapy these days. My new equipment is coming, now it’s the study-phase for this activity. Can it be useful if I offer free products from my MLM when I start bioresonance sessions? Or when someone buy a premium product, offer them them free sessions on bioresonance therapy? Thanks for the answer :)”

Community Coaching Call July 2020

by Gaelle Lecourt, Freedom & Business Coach | Business Coaching

June 2020: Recording not available

May 2020: Hot Seat with Norah from Ireland

“I changed my niche from women with alcohol issues. Now i work with women who are feeling stuck, to help them find their true purpose and then show them the steps to get there. I just did this since February. I worry that it’s too broad, I’d love your opinion because you know me and I value your opinion greatly.”

Q&A: April from Germany

I’m not attracting the right client and I don’t know if the right client exists in my industry (equine). Ideally I would like 3-4 clients at 3K/month or 2 clients at $5k. Should I stop trying to find my ideal client in the industry I am in? I am GREAT at what I do, but all the equine clients or potential clients always try to have my cut back my prices or pay extremely late.

Q&A: Anastasia from France

“How to “pack” my services – and genuinely help people transform and feel much better, or excellent actually, and at the same time charge a relatively high price for it? How to present my abilities, and charge well without sounding greedy?”

Q&A: Juli form Italy

“I’m wondering how to really ask people to hire me. I have maintained a consistent presence online, I get many messages from people telling me they really appreciate what I do and all the help I give, but when I post information about my programs or ask whether anyone would like my support, it’s crickets.”

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