Want to feel financially empowered?

Get “My EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much you must charge”

No idea how much to raise your prices for a premium package? I’ll share with you My EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much you must charge for your business to be profitable and so much more.

In fact, you will learn:


 The crucial money mindset shift you have to make if you want to go from being in the red to making profit in your business

 The #1 mistake to avoid when pricing your packages that drive so many online coaches to failure without knowing it

 The simple change you can make to go from exhausted and financially disempowered to thriving and really knowing your numbers so that you can enjoy time with your loved ones or grab your passport and get on a plane 😉

 To calculate and create the exact PROFIT that will support your lifestyle and travels

If you’re ready to raise your prices and start making PROFIT in your business, get the “Know Your Numbers to Create Profit In your Business” masterclass + the Spreadsheet to get the calculation right for only $27!

It was such an eye-opener

‘I got the ‘Know your Numbers’ pack with your easy step-by-step formula to define exactly how much to charge and worked on it this morning. It was such an eye-opener. I have raised my prices in line with the numbers I crunched out using the spreadsheet.

Deborah Chalk

Martha Beck Certified Coach. Career and life purpose coach for creative women,

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