Light Up Your Inner Boss:

Get your Online Business Off the Ground!

Are you ready to replace your job with a business that
fulfills your PURPOSE, has meaning AND gives you the FREEDOM to TRAVEL the world?


You’re performing highly in your job but can’t do it any longer…
The rat race is making you 
mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted,
and you are not feeling like your work is making the impact you desire to have…

Maybe you feel like:


You’re no longer OK with working a job that doesn’t fulfill any of your dreams.

You finally feel the courage to be your own boss but don’t know how to make it happen.


You have a talent or an expertise and you’re ready to share it to make the world a better place.

But what will happen if nobody can hear it?


You see other people having a lifestyle of freedom, a life of making things happen and you know you’re ready to have the same.

To make a difference, check off your bucket list, enjoy life and finally feel fulfilled being your own boss.


How do I start my business?

Many coaches, consultants and change-makers sadly give up because they don’t know where to start. If only they had known the simplest and most effective way to get their business off the ground faster…

I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I felt the same way too.

I spent 10 years working a very successful international career in corporate and in 2014 I hit my limit. I was emotionally exhausted, crying almost every day because I felt trapped.

I was thinking, I am too old to make a big change in my career. And I had no clue what else I could do.

But as I moved up the ladder, it became clear that the yearly reviews and office politics were a joke. I realized I didn’t have any power on my own career growth.

I deeply wanted more freedom and flexibility, and to have more impact.

So I quit my job and redesigned my life to allow me to travel more and be able to see my family and two nieces in France more often.

Then, I enrolled in a one-year online business and coaching training from Gina Devee.

I had ZERO paying clients in my first months of business.

So I started investing in one-on-one coaches and other specialized programs ($15,043 up to this date) to work on finding my unique voice so that I could grow my business and stay on top of new and proven online strategies and techniques that I could share with my clients.

And thanks to all of that, I finally started booking paying clients for one-on-one premium packages and VIP retreats and reached $5K, $10K and now $16K months. I now see the difference I make in my clients’ lives every day thanks to the results they get and the great referrals they send to me.

Since then, I’ve built an online business with a virtual team that’s the sum of all my passions (coaching, deep-care retreats, events).

It allows me to take vacation in Mexico to enjoy the Caribbean during the winter, or France to have fun with my nieces all summer. I enjoy the best of each country at the perfect time!

Ready to share your skills to the world?

Do you want to launch your business and TRANSFORM other people’s lives?

Whether you want to become a successful Coach, Consultant, Mentor or want to be a service-based business owner, the best way to create your thriving online business fast is to:

  1. learn the proven strategies that work,
  2. receive feedback from experts who’ve walked the path before you,
  3. get support and accountability,
  4. and surround yourself with high wealth consciousness entrepreneurs.

There is still time for you to make sure you don’t regret spending time doing work you don’t love and end up getting sick because you are suffocating your dreams and can’t even realize the projects and travels you hoped for “later” in your life.

I know if I was able to do it, you can also achieve it for yourself. If you are passionate and driven, I’ll show you how.

Is the business and online stuff confusing you?

This program will show you, what actions you need to take to create a business online and attract ideal clients. It’s the step-by-step my clients have also used to get their first paying clients.

All you need to know is how to get started with creating your business and becoming visible online.

Light Up Your Inner Boss: Get your Online Business Off the Ground!

Working with Gaelle is truly transformative

“I like how straightforward and efficient she is and also how transparent about her own business practices.

Without her, I get stuck on something and feel lost but just half an hour of coaching with her gives me an energy boost, motivation, knowledge, and inspiration to take action towards my goals.

She really strikes a balance seeing and helping me with my current need and providing additional crucial advice to get even more out of things I had not even thought about before.”

Alexandra Zuber

Mindful Empowerment Coach

How do you feel about going from
to Fully Booked?


You ARE an expert. You may have even completed a certification in coaching or consulting or you are in the process of completing one. You have years of experience and now is time to step up and stand out so that you can share your knowledge with those who need it most to be able to change their lives.

In this Group Program, you’ll discover:

  • The Mindset shift to avoid self-sabotage and become a Successful Entrepreneur
  • How to speak to your ideal clients in a way that resonates with them
  • How to create your Iconic Offer at a price that feels right and supports you
  • What’s fascinating about your story and the 5 Keys to stand out and reach clients globally, just like my students and I do.
  • How to grow a loyal tribe of followers who are eager to work with you
  • The best online platforms to focus on and the strategies for using them efficiently to be visible
  • How to book discovery calls on auto-pilot so you can relax knowing where next month’s income is coming from

You probably never imagined it was possible before. Now you can!

You can have the Freedom lifestyle you desire, traveling whenever you want, wherever you want, while transforming the lives of people all over the world.

Truly a phenomenal experience!!!

We were able to get clear on my ideal client, my niche and my offer (which was something I struggled with for over a year). I also learned how to conduct effective marketing research to assist me in perfecting my craft and bringing my practice to the next level.

Natasha White

Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coaching & Reiki

Gaelle’s approach is more methodical and makes a lot of sense. She is stellar!

“Gaelle is a very clear and precise communicator. In our Intensive Coaching session, she gave excellent and insightful direction, she asked excellent, clarifying questions”

Amy Biddle

Marketing Consultant, Luova Inc

All you need is the insider knowledge on how to do it!

The Light Up Method
Here is what’s included in the program:

Module 1:

Get clear on your Business Plan FOR PROFIT

  • Gain clarity on your business vision and goals so that you can reverse engineer client getting strategies
  • Define what online business strategies are best for YOU to leverage your unique strengths and grow your business
  • Learn exactly what you need to do each day to start getting clients and avoid overwhelm and distractions
  • Structure your day and calendar efficiently (especially if you have another job) so that you have time to grow your business and take care of yourself.

Module 2:

Mindset switch from Employee to Entrepreneur for Success Without Overwhelm

  • Remove old money stories that block you from receiving the wealth that you desire
  • Cultivate a money mindset and take inspired actions like a successful entrepreneur
  • Organize your time efficiently (especially if you have another job) to maximize your Success
  • Make fast decisions so that you avoid overwhelm or analysis paralysis
  • Design your daily self-care and mindset routine to ensure you stay upbeat and attract positive opportunities during the program

Module 3:

Identify your Ideal Clients, how to connect with them and set yourself apart from the competition

  • Become crystal clear on your target market and how to find them online so that you can start getting leads.
  • Learn how to speak to your audience in a way that makes them feel like they need what you have and make them want to say YES now.
  • 3 easy ways to build your own loyal tribe of followers who adore you and can’t wait to invest

Module 4:

Stand out online using your unique story

  • Master my Exact Step-By-Step Process to uncover what differentiates YOU from others so you can stand out online
  • Use your unique story to build up your brand and share your values to attract clients
  • Powerfully master the 5 principles of storytelling to magnetize your ideal clients
  • Learn the 5 key ingredients to add into your messages so that your ideal clients contact you to know more about working with you
  • Write a magnetizing About page on your website that gets people to book a call with you

Module 5:

Design your High-End Offer and set up your simple and efficient biz systems

  • Learn the proven method to find out exactly what your customers really want, how to position your offering to maximize profit,
  • Identify your unique value proposition and feel confident in the transformation you provide
  • Calculate the price that feels great to you and your client and make your business profitable
  • Learn how to package your product so that it feels irresistible to you and your clients
  • Align your premium offer with your brand to attract clients you enjoy working with
  • Create a magnetic sales page for your product using my exact checklist and convert prospects into clients you love.
  • Create a simple email sales funnel to automate your process so you can save time while nurturing your client to say YES

Module 6:

Understand the real psychology of sales, and how to inspire your ideal client to buy with integrity and transparency.

  • Learn how to pre-qualify your prospects to increase your conversion rates
  • Apply the step-by-step process to powerfully lead any sales conversation without your prospects ever feeling like they are on a sales call or that you’re salesy.
  • Master the mindset that will increase your resilience so that you get a steady stream of clients

Module 7:

Create your 90-day high quality Content and Communication Plan to get visible and attract your ideal client

  • Design a 90-day content marketing plan you can reuse every month so that you have more freedom to take care of yourself and your hobbies in your life
  • Use content to grow your audience and build a relationship with them so you can have a steady stream of clients
  • Learn how to repurpose your content to reuse it for passive income streams or group programs so that you keep your income consistent
  • How to use free and paid ways to share your content to get more visible and book clients
  • Discover the 3 secret head-turning headlines that spike up your email opening rates and conversions


You’ll Get Guidance, Support & Community

  • There is a strong group dynamic with a positive supportive community in a dedicated private student-only facebook group community where we will keep the vibe super high to light you up through the program and where you can support each others and share contacts and connections
  • You also get my expert support in the group as I will come every day to answer any burning questions you may have during the week or any technical questions you have
  • Live Office Hours: Every other week, you will hop on live on the call with me where I will provide more guidance and answer your toughest questions. Recording of these calls will be available and you can choose to send you questions in advance if you’re not able to make it on the call live.
  • Buddy system for brainstorming and accountability to make sure you don’t go MIA in your business and reach your goals within the deadlines

Bonus Trainings

Bonus #1

Struggling to figure out which business to start? Too many ideas not sure if one will actually work? This bonus #1 will help you ask the right questions to clarify which idea is the best!

Value: $139

In this training, you will learn:

  • The #1 habit to banish to create UNCONDITIONAL FREEDOM in your life and fulfill your PURPOSE.
  • 10 powerful questions to be CLEAR on who you’re MEANT TO BE as a Coach.
  • Where to find tons of ideal clients, excited to work with YOU, even if you’re just starting!
  • My 3 recommendations to anyone who desires to START their online coaching business!

Bonus #2


Value: $154

Do you want to reconnect with your intuition to receive guidance and make the BEST decisions daily in your Business? In this training, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the difference between FEAR and INTUITION
  • How to TRUST yourself and let your subconscious find the BEST solution
  • 10+ ACTIONS you can do today to INCREASE your intuition
  • Six questions to ask yourself so you can IDENTIFY if it is FEAR or INTUITION
  • REAL LIFE example: Traveling to Petra in Jordan (it’s not just theory)!
  • Access to my personal Books’ RECOMMENDATION to develop your intuition!

BONUS: An 11-minutes guided meditation to reconnect with your intuition!

Bonus #3


Value: $420

Feeling lost in a sea of coaches who say the same things? In this training, I will show you:

  • My Exact Step-By-Step Process to uncover what differentiates YOU from others.
  • The 5 Principles of storytelling and the Key 5 Ingredients you need to add to intrigue YOUR ideal client & make them want to learn more about working with YOU.
  • How to efficiently use Storytelling in your messaging to SELL your packages effortlessly.

Bonus #4


Value: $399

Have you been posting on social media, emailing your list, doing webinars, only to end up at night, pondering: “WHY THE HECK am I not getting any clients with all the efforts I’m doing?” In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The TOP #5 reasons WHY you’re not getting any clients (and what you can do about it to propel your business to success)
  • How to EXACTLY diagnose what the REAL problem is in your specific case
  • The Key actions you can take today to get 10 calls with clients eager to work with you in the next 30 days.





Birgit booked her first high-paying clients.

  • She grew her Facebook group to 140 members,
  • She participated as in expert in an online summit,
  • She was a keynote speaker at an event in Los Angeles,
  • She got into the spotlight at an event in Zurich and got 30 appointments as a result.

Birgit Pestalozzi

Love Coach,

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year.

“I’m finally getting clarity that I’ve never gotten from a coaching program or anything before.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching.”

Lyzz Kirk

Health Coach, Lyzz Kirk - Improving Fertility Naturally

Who’s this program for?

  • The top performer woman who is an aspiring coach, consultant or online service-based entrepreneur
  • Who doesn’t want to work for somebody else and wants flexibility in when she does work
  • Who wants to be known as a leader and a resource in her industry
  • Who wants to build her own business online to reach people who she wouldn’t normally reach locally and to have more flexibility and freedom
  • Who’s stuck because she’s not clear on her niche and offer but has a strong drive and expertise to share with the world
  • Who might not even have an email list or following
  • Who’s done other trainings in the past without success or who only had pro bono clients
  • Who has no clue where to start or isn’t super tech savvy and need to get confident into the process
  • Who is done with doing everything by herself and is ready to hire someone to do part of the work for her

At the end, you’ll get:

⭐️ Your Ideal Client Avatar and where to find them


⭐️ The exact process to conduct market research efficiently


⭐️ The 3-6 stories to use in your branding and in PR to be fascinating


⭐️ Your High-Value Iconic Offer priced in a way that feels good to you


⭐️ Your irresistible free offer and your 2 preferred ways of booking sales calls


⭐️ Your 30-day plan to attract and book more clients on your own terms


Gaelle helped me zero in on what was most important

“She provided a clear structure to help me quickly capture and clarify my thoughts.

But more than that, Gaelle’s deep listening and insight helped me up-level my thinking so that the sum was better than the parts! ”

Annabel Melnyk

Branding and Business Mentor, Annabel Melnyk

Gaelle helped me identify blocks in a very deep care and loving way and helped me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity.

She is investigative for one reason & one reason only, to help you identify what is blocking and to set you free to be YOU, your genuine you. I felt and experienced her deep care for my power and my freedom.

Gaelle has a leadership quality that comes from her professional background I presume, she is a pillar you can lean on and explore your vulnerabilities.

She was there 100% to help me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity. This woman is FOR REAL!

Denisa Hrncirik-Maruyama

Branding Coach, Bliss Designed

And because it’s really important that you have all the support that you need and any extra attention to boost your business even further, BOOK NOW and you’ll receive a BONUS one-on-one private session with me.

I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires in Easter 2018!

“I have gone from knowing nothing about how to set up a coaching business to gaining clarity on my niche, my ideal client, where to find them and how to approach them. I also learned a lot about how to prepare a retreat and I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires in Easter 2018 with the help and support from Gaelle!”

Simona Sramko

Tango Retreat Host, Discovering Tango

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.

I’ve been watching Gaëlle’s videos for a couple weeks prior to me winning this session. And I knew that when it came to getting clarity on how to determine my niche and target market, Gaëlle’s approach was going to help me best.

And it most certainly did. It not only helped me identify Susan, ideal client 1.0, but after doing some market research, which she provided even more direction on, I was able to determine that Susan’s needs were already met, and using the same technique develop Courtney, who had an entirely different set of needs, ideal client 2.0. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.”

Amanda McRoberts

Business Coach


Will all the training calls be recorded?

Yes, they will. You can join live and also listen to the recording as many times as you want. You can also ask your question in the private Facebook group that will be open exclusively to the students of this program

Will I be able to ask my questions directly to Gaelle?

Absolutely! During each live call, you’ll be able to ask questions in the Q&A section. All questions will be answered. You can also post anytime in the Facebook group and tag her to get her feedback on anything related to your business.

How quickly will I see results and how much money will I make?

As you can imagine, no one can promise you that you’ll make a certain amount of money in a specific amount of time.
Having said that, I’ll be honest with you – if you’re a fast action-taker, you will see fast and phenomenal results, while slow action-takers will see slow and frustrating results. This program gives you a comprehensive, proven system to take your business from non-existent to 5-figures, but it can’t do the work for you. Only you can do the inner and outer work necessary to see the results you personally desire. You get out what you put in, as with anything else in life!

How much time will this take each week?

From my own experience of building a business, I have designed this program in a way that you have time to implement what you learn every other week to help you integrate the content and launch your business with strong foundations in the shortest amount of time possible.
That being said, building a business and most importantly working consistently on it isn’t like a vacation at the Club Med. You will have to do the work — and again, you’ll get out what you put in. It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to make time to create a business that’ll let you travel the world, never have to worry about money again, and have control and flexibility in your life.

I don’t have a business idea right now, is this program for me?

I believe each individual has skills that others are willing to pay for. Otherwise, you’d never ever have a job in your life. I’ll help you get clarity on your skills and business idea, but also how to use it best to grow your business quickly in a smart and profitable way. You’ll have to make fast decisions and roll with them. If indecision is your best friend, this program is not for you. In this program, we let go of indecision, procrastination, and perfectionism.

I just started my business (or I started a while ago but aren’t making a lot of money), is this program right for me?

Totally! If you’ve just started your business or started it a while ago but aren’t making the money that you desire, you will benefit tremendously from the mindset skills, getting clear about your ideal client and your offer and all the amazing bonuses shared in the program.

I’m a service-based entrepreneur but not a coach or a consultant, is this program right for me?

You would definitely benefit from this program if you want to create a high-value offer for online customers. I’ve had clients who were branding strategists, travel bloggers, photographers, real estate agents, yoga teachers… You could be a web designer, an online teacher, etc… you will learn in this program the skills to create high-value packages and gain more personal freedom and financial well-being.

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