(Results experienced are not typical and results may vary)

Gaelle has a great mind for strategy!

“She’s creative in finding unique solutions and always willing to offer new ideas. If you’re with her, you’re in good hands!

Melissa Pharr

Online Business & Marketing Strategist

Now I only work 3 days per week ON my business and for the first time since starting 5 years ago, I feel calm!

‘Working with Gaelle has been transformational for my business and my mindset.
She helped me restructure my finances & spending, making me aware of areas I was spending too much so we could increase profit.
Since then she’s helped me hire and train my team, allowing me to step fully out of customer support and anything related to admin – this shift has been incredible for my profit margin, my productivity and being able to focus on projects that will grow my business & income.

BIG +: Gaelle’s analytical skills and way of thinking are AMAZING! She catches ways to optimize systems & processes so that we can avoid financial leaks in our Operations.

Her abilities to understand my business and see the bigger picture have been so incredibly helpful, she has quickly become an invaluable member of my team because before hiring Gaelle, I was sucked into the day-to-day management of my team and constantly focused on the next “launch” Gaelle helped me understand my values and what matters to me. Now I only work 3 days per week ON my business and for the first time since starting 5 years ago, I feel calm!

Carla Biesinger

Online Business & Instagram Mentor

I’ve been able to grow my profit by 40% and way less stressed!

When I heard Gaelle talking about a financial system to increase profit and feel more confident financially in business, I was intrigued. I was in my 5th year of business and passed the 6 figure mark but I didn’t understand the financial statements well (and didn’t pay myself or saved for retirement) and I didn’t know if I had healthy financials to expand and hire new employees.
When I sat down with Gaelle for coaching, she clarified what mattered financially and how to set up a system to make sure i could save for retirement, pay myself, save for taxes and make profit.
It took me a while to implement it because I was traveling a lot, but since then, I’ve been able to grow my profit by 40% and way less stressed.
Later, I consulted Gaelle again for help onboarding employees and the systems I needed to have in place to make everything efficient. Having her in your corner is worth every dime”.

Neil Reeve-Newson

Owner of Google ads agency NRN Global

I made the money back at least 10 times. Something shifted in my identity!

Before I started the program, I had transitioned from working in-person to moving everything online. I had my signature program twice and it left me feet depleted and like I was throwing spaghetti on the wall. I wasn't sure I wanted to continue. I didn’t feel supported and yet I had to support all these women... I was spending lots of energy but it didn’t create results.

So much changed after joining the program! It anchored me on my sense of purpose because I felt supported. It made things so much easier in my business. Systems and processes was a nightmare before and after the program, it became so much easier.

By the end of working with Gaelle, I switched my business model and I feel so much more supported and relaxed. The program helped me to raise my rates significantly and to be comfortable with calls and actually enjoy them now. The mindset work has been so powerful and something I would have never imagined.

The ROI on the program has been a no-brainer. I made the money back at least 10 times . Also something shifted in my identity through the program and now I’m sitting in the seat of a business woman. That’s priceless, the ROI on that is beyond price because it’s going to impact everywhere I go from there. It changes what I charge, how I see myself, the people I’m attracting, what I know is possible for myself...

If someone is ready for the next level, they need a guide and what’s great with working with Gaelle is her knowledge of systems and processes and the amount of know-how and support she is giving.

Blaire Lindsay

Embodiment, Love and Intimacy Expert

I solved my biggest challenges: Figuring out my ideal customers, my missions and connecting with my deeper reason of doing business. As a result, I gained a sense of joy to be in and with my two businesses.

The key results I got from the program are:

1. I finally know my ideal customers and mission statements for both of my businesses.

2. My story writing skills have sharpened. I have a much stronger sense of words, messages.

3. I understand much better how to present myself while making the story writing about people.

4. I have a much better connection with emotions and their contribution to social media.

5. Connecting the dots between both of my businesses was a master stroke, a genius Gaelle. I always felt deep down that the connection should be brought to light, but couldn’t do it on my own!

6.I went from feeling the burnout of having to be present with both businesses to a growing ease with social media and a stronger belief in listening to my inner voice that gave me the mental bandwidth to do online events that resulted in more sales.

I would recommend it to women entrepreneurs to invest their time and money in this part of their business if they truly want to enjoy growing their business.


Owner of 2 businesses: a product based and a service based business

Working with Gaelle changed my business: I booked 3 new clients!

When I met her, I already had a business, however I struggled with making it profitable. I lacked strategies, and feeling overwhelmed by different information on how to be successful in business wasn't helping either.

Since I started working with her, my income increased and in the last 3 months I earned more than in the 6 months previous. That's a huge step forward and it shows how much of a difference a proper plan can make.

I love her direct yet gentle approach to guiding me through the steps and strategies I have to put in place. She is so generous and her knowledge is invaluable.

I am grateful for her dedication, insights, and that she holds me accountable. Having Gaelle by my side turned my business around.

Maya Novak

Injury Recovery Expert and Mindset Coach

Working with Gaelle was a game-changer!

“My coaching business was crawling along with one client here and there for the last 5 years and I never could sustain it. When I contacted Gaelle, I was considering closing my business.

Working with her, I reached all of my goals in less than 4 months and created new ones to expand my business success beyond my expectations.
I learned everything an online entrepreneur needs to know like copy-writing, storytelling, marketing, and a lot more. These skills alone were priceless to me. I now wake up every morning knowing exactly what to do and being excited. However, without having someone to help me get into the right mindset I could not have put everything I learned into action.
As a result I made $12,000 paid-in-full in my business by signing 4 new high-ticket clients. All of this happened before I even graduated from the program and I am looking forward to the year ahead with confidence.

I loved Gaelle’s coaching style: It is kind, clear and to the point. She deeply cares and pours her heart into her work. Not one moment I felt left alone or without support. I am eternally grateful for her mentorship and support and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get a business off the ground or to the next level.”

Christina Glazer

Relationship & Marriage Coach

I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client for $4500!

I can’t THANK YOU enough Gaelle for your Mindset training. It has literally CHANGED MY LIFE and business.

I’ve been successful in business and have no shortage of clients for the last number of years but have always been afraid of raising my prices and charging what truly reflects the value of what I offer.

Within 4 WEEKS of doing your training, I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client for my coaching program and was able to confidently charge $4500 which felt in complete integrity with the value that I offer.

The BEST part was that, when the client “questioned” the rate at $/hr, I was able to completely own my value and demonstrate why the price is what it is. Within 3 weeks of our discovery call, he emailed me to say YES!

This has been a dream of mine for YEARS and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have received your training and to have made this leap from undercharging to charging what I’m worth. THANK YOU”

Christy Nichol

Movement & Mindset Coach

I signed up my first client at €3,000 on my first sales conversation.

During my time working with Gaelle, I was able to gain clarity about my mission, define my offerings and even signed up my first client at €3,000! I’m 100% more confident in my sales conversations.

Gaelle has been a fantastic mentor! I really appreciated how quickly she responded with honest feedback and insights, so I was able to keep my motivation up. I would definitely recommend working with Gaelle!

Catherine Prohaska

Business Strategist, Mindset Coach

Birgit booked her first high-paying clients.

  • She grew her Facebook group to 140 members,
  • She got into the spotlight at an event in Zurich and got 30 appointments as a result,
  • She was a keynote speaker at an event in Los Angeles,
  • She participated as an expert in an online summit.
Birgit Pestalozzi

Love Coach

What I got now supersedes all the amount of money I can ever earn. It’s not a material thing anymore. It exceeded my expectations, and it is better than what I knew to ask for”

For me, the biggest shift is when I understood fear. Fear was very strong when it all started to come together, to look real and it became very overwhelming. Now it has very little impact on me.

I always felt I’m built to do something bigger so I was always searching and it’s a frustrating place to be in when you’re never satisfied with what you have. And somehow I’ve achieved that. I definitely feel confident from the inside: I no longer need someone to tell me I’m doing a good job. I no longer need someone else’s belief in me. I somehow have it inside me now. I don’t need approval, and I don’t feel judged anymore. I feel whole.

I’m very pleased with all that I have achieved. I always felt that something is missing and now I know it’s not missing anymore.

It’s such a great place to be that makes me not worry about how much money I’ve invested because what I got now supersedes all the amount of money I can ever earn. It’s not a material thing anymore. It exceeded my expectations, and it is better than what I knew to ask for”

Janelle Rizzo

Career Visibility Coach

Gaelle’s program has been a game changer for me!

As a Relationship Coach ready to start an online coaching business, I felt overwhelmed as to how and where to start. Without coaching with Gaelle, I would have launched a divorce coaching business that I would not have felt lit up about!

Gaelle’s program has enabled me to find clarity and direction and to build the momentum that I’ve needed while not getting sidetracked by myriad entrepreneurial distractions. Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me so that I can not only stay on track with my business goals but also create a healthy business mindset and do the market research required so that my products truly speak to the needs of potential clients. As a result, I developed the perfect program and already have booked a new client!

Gaelle’s gentle yet direct manner has really worked for me. She calls it like it is and helps me to really see the forest from the trees which is critical for me as a new entrepreneur. I am so grateful for her insight and wisdom as well as her direct yet supportive approach.

Working with Gaelle has truly been a game changer for me and my business!

Nicole Keefler

Divorce Recovery and Relationship Coach

After working with Gaelle, I am a completely different person!

Gaelle helped me set my business up from scratch. She taught me a ton about marketing as I was a newbie and answered any questions I had. When I was hitting doubts or being distracted, she kept me on track during our private sessions.
From Day 1, Mindset work was life-changing: I significantly developed my self-worth. Any critics mean very little to me because I’m much more confident in myself and my program now.
I learned how to burst through any of my limits like my massive fear of public speaking.
Other unexpected impacts in my life, beyond my business, are that I am calmer and learned to let go. As a result, relationships with other family members turned around for better and calmer communication, all because I am a different person now!

My business smashed through my $5k goal!

Thank you so much for your program, Gaelle. You really helped me to catapult forward and I wanted to share my gratitude towards you for that xx

I love love LOVE my work and I’ve learned to own it, I appreciate the strong foundations you gave me every day ?

I still remember the discovery call, my world felt like it was crumbling around me, it was only a few months ago. I can’t relate to that world now. Your truth and honesty resonated with me that day and gave me the courage to change my life and have faith in myself.”

Norah Ginty

Alcohol Free Lifestyle Coach

I liked a lot the way Gaelle efficiently challenged my perceptions, was helping me find the perfect words describing my mission and taught me the keys to fascinating storytelling.

As being a coach just starting out, I was stuck on defining my specific niche, as well as was very uncertain of how, in what way to incorporate my life story into my messaging.

Being stuck has created a strong resistance within me, which showed up as procrastination and lack of drive, what you’d rather wanted to avoid in your first months of entrepreneurship.

I knew, that finding the right niche is essential before moving forward with my biz building, since all of the systems are going to be developed around that particular target market. I also wanted to make it sure, that I select a niche which I can serve the biggest joy and fulfillment.

During our session, Gaelle gently guided me towards finding the right and reassuring answers to all of my concerns. Thanks to Gaelle’s efficient and dynamic guidance during the session, we could touch all the topics I intended to.

With her help, I now have a solid confidence in who I will serve, what is my mission, and how to create impressive messages out of my life stories, which will inspire my audience. I’ve totally regain my momentum and joy in moving forward with my business, being certain that everything about it is in total alignment with my authentic self. I’m on fire again!!! Thank you so much Gaelle!

Tunde Belenyesi

Business Mindset Coach

We not only zeroed in on my niche, she helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people.

“After my Fast-Track Intensive with Gaelle, My biggest take away is not only when she helped me zero in on my niche, but more importantly when she coined the title “Energy Healer and Life Coach” from the verbiage I was using to describe my work.
Before, I was afraid to call myself an Energy Healer and that it would turn people away and I would be rejected as weird or feared. Instead, she has helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people through working on balancing their energy field for optimum shifting and healing.
One result of this approach is that my clients are able to break through their blocks more comprehensively and move forward more thoroughly in all areas of their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Liane Memmer

Energy Healer and Life Coach

Working with Gaelle has taken my business from feeling like a disorganized collection of ideas and hopes to a solid system of generating clients.

I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish but I needed the system and process for doing it. I have learned about marketing, copywriting, storytelling how to conduct assessments and discovery calls and how all of these work together to create clients.

If you are looking for a coach that will hold you accountable to action and teach you how to take your business to the next level Gaelle is the coach for you!

When I hired Gaelle as my coach I expected to meet with her on a regular basis. What I did not expect was all of the time and energy that she puts into her clients in between sessions — reviewing and giving insight on everything I was creating in between sessions.

Now my business is growing and instead of just a collection of hopes and ideas it has become a true self-sustaining business.

Vicki Haddock

Transitional Coach

Client’s Story

Before working with Gaëlle I was really confused and stuck, not knowing how to request articulate testimonials from my students. They always write nice things from their heart but the information they gave was confusing and often useless.

Gaëlle & I worked together around using storytelling to get powerful impact using my students’ testimonials so they can be clear advocates of the work I do and results I provide, sharing my message to the right audience, resonating with my ideal client while attracting new clients as well.

If you are on the fence about working with Gaëlle, I’ll say, “Stop doubting and trust the process with her.” She takes the time to listen to where you are stuck and give you the help and support you need to have great breakthroughs, improving your own success!

Gaëlle is a professional who will tell you what you HAVE to hear to grow, no sugar coat, no fluff, just the real words you need to hear to get out of your comfort zone. Following the actionable tasks from her videos were the perfect solution for me to take my Social Media Coaching to the next level.

As a result of working with her, I have been able to help my students on how to write amazing testimonials, as for me, I have a clearer idea of what’s my message to the world involving my business/social media coaching.”

Sergio Mohar

Facebook Marketing and Live Expert

I was confused, now I feel more empowered than before.

I was confused about my niche, especially the benefits of my offer. Gaelle helped me to get clear on where I want to bring my clients and to realize that I totally could coach them further than I thought and how to. She also shared her experience as a coach and helped me resolve some issues I meet in my practice.

The questions in the workbook are really efficient AND accurate enough that I could nail down my niche. Besides, Gaelle helped me to put the light on the unclear aspects and to separate the wheat from the chaff, to understand that I get confused about what I think and what my clients may want.

Now I feel more empowered than before.

Marie Laurence Davy

Psychologist & Transitional Career Coach

I would definitely recommend Gaelle to anyone who is looking to super-charge their online marketing strategy.

Gaelle is an absolute whizz and helped to set up my systems and social media strategy for my online business without falling into overwhelm. Each week, she guided me and helped me tweak my Facebook ads to grow my Facebook group quickly. I am now getting regular interaction and engagement and I have new members joining every day! I would definitely recommend Gaelle to anyone who is looking to super-charge their online marketing and develop a really powerful Facebook marketing strategy.

Pauline Delany

Business & Success Coach

I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires in Easter 2018!

I have gone from knowing nothing about how to set up a coaching business to gaining clarity on my niche, my ideal client, where to find them and how to approach them. I also learned a lot about how to prepare a retreat and I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires in Easter 2018 with the help and support from Gaelle!”

Simona Sramko

Tango Retreat Host

Gaelle’s approach is more methodical and makes a lot of sense. She is stellar!

Gaelle is a very clear and precise communicator. In our Intensive Coaching session, she gave excellent and insightful direction, she asked excellent, clarifying questions. Why is all of this important? Because without a clear plan, I’m more likely to spend my days putting out fires and creating/dealing with emergencies.

Gaelle’s approach is more methodical and makes a lot of sense. Also, that the call was 90 minutes was fantastic. It was the perfect length of time for us to get real work done: We created my “ideal client” persona.
Wasn’t I surprised when I was having coffee with a friend a few days later, and she told me of a referral she had for me — who fit this persona exactly. I’m meeting with this woman in the next week, and I also have a very good idea about how to find more just like her.
Even though this intensive was my first time meeting Gaelle, I felt that she “got me” and I made really good headway in formulating my business.

Gaelle, as a coach, you are stellar! You had a simple agenda that was very clear. You gave me choices (do you want this, or that?) and we got right to work. You’re an excellent writer and communicator. Meeting on Skype was perfect. It felt like we were in the same room, sitting and chatting. I really like that you are so good about making the session about your client. (I’ve talked with coaches who are “all about themselves” and you do not do that).

You have just the right personality for this work — you’re warm and friendly, but you don’t pull any punches. A couple of times I stalled in our conversation and you jumped in and gave me a push. Perfect. Your input just from one meeting was so helpful. I’m looking forward to more.”

Amy Biddle

Marketing Consultant

Gaelle helped me zero in on what was most important

My Intensive session with Gaelle was exactly the crucible I needed to refine my thinking so I could quickly take action! I’d been struggling with fine tuning my ideal client profile and messaging. Ideas were madly spinning in my head.

Gaelle helped me zero in on what was most important and provided a clear structure to help me quickly capture and clarify my thoughts. But more than that, Gaelle’s deep listening and insight helped me up-level my thinking so that the sum was better than the parts! ”

Annabel Melnyk

Branding and Business Mentor

Working with Gaelle is truly transformative

She shares not only great knowledge about coaching practices but also provides hands-on advice on how to implement them step-by-step while listening to you and taking your individual situation into consideration.
I like how straightforward and efficient she is and also how transparent about her own business practices.
Without her, I get stuck on something and feel lost but just half an hour of coaching with her gives me an energy boost, motivation, knowledge, and inspiration to take action towards my goals.
She really strikes a balance seeing and helping me with my current need and providing additional crucial advice to get even more out of things I had not even thought about before.
She is clear and direct which I like, and she really knows what she is talking about. I also like her “done is better than perfect”, and her “sharing is caring” approach. Thank you so much Gaelle for all your help.
Alexandra Zuber

Mindful Empowerment Coach

Truly a phenomenal experience!!!

During my Deep Dive Intensive with Gaelle I felt understood, respected and comfortable while we took a deeper look into the challenges I faced in my business.

We were able to get clear on my ideal client, my niche and my offer (which was something I struggled with for over a year). I also learned how to conduct effective marketing research to assist me in perfecting my craft and bringing my practice to the next level.

I would highly recommend Gaelle’s Intensive to anyone who is looking to gain clarity, remove any stumbling blocks and take their business to higher levels. Truly a phenomenal experience!!!

Natasha White

Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coaching & Reiki

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year.

I’m getting deeper insights into myself and really laying what I feel is a strong foundation for my business that I had never gotten before. So far yes, it’s meeting my expectations.

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year. I’m finally getting clarity that I’ve never gotten from a coaching program or anything before. I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching.

I really appreciate Gaelle’s approach and how she works to keep me accountable while still making me feel well supported and heard. I also love how thorough she reviews the work and how she notices where I may be needing more clarification or direction.

Lyzz Kirk

Health Coach

The Intensive Retreat in Mexico was a magical experience, beyond my expectations!

Thank you, working with you has changed my life! I have been looking to work with a coach for the last 6 months and was so excited to find you at the start of this year. We have made so much progress on my mindset in just a few short weeks so it was important for me to go ‘all-in’ and get the most out of working with you face to face by joining the retreat. I love to travel, especially on my own so this was a perfect opportunity to escape from normal life and really put my mind into a different place to work on my future business. I could not have got so far in such a short space of time without it being face-to-face, coupled with being made to feel so welcome by yourself and everything you arranged for me, it was a really magical experience – I just wish I could do it again, it was over too quickly!

Before the retreat I was a little apprehensive, not knowing what to expect, not knowing how my mind was going to react to being stretched but I had 100% trust in you and immediately felt relaxed and able to focus on myself – not something I get to do very often! At the end of the retreat I felt a mixture of elation but also mentally I was in a really positive place about moving forward with my business and I’m really grateful for your patience but ability to constructively challenge my thinking to make amazing progress.

Working with you has already had a huge impact on my life, my self-esteem, my vision for my future life and the retreat signified a real turning point for me to know this is becoming a reality; I will have a lifestyle that involves more travel, more freedom, a career that I am really passionate about and ultimately more of what I want out of my life. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and came to the retreat – it was 100% the best decision I have made for a long time and I have got so much from working with you. As you know I am quite experienced in my career in HR and have worked with a lot of people over the years particularly around personal development, but I haven’t met anyone who has had such an impact on my mindset and self-belief like you have, especially in such a short space of time.”

Lisa Jelly

London, UK

Gaelle helped me identify blocks in a very deep care and loving way and helped me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity.

She is investigative for one reason & one reason only, to help you identify what is blocking and to set you free to be YOU, your genuine you. I felt and experienced her deep care for my power and my freedom.

Gaelle has a leadership quality that comes from her professional background I presume, she is a pillar you can lean on and explore your vulnerabilities.

She was there 100% to help me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity. This woman is FOR REAL!

Denisa Hrncirik-Maruyama

Branding Coach

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.

I’ve been watching Gaëlle’s videos for a couple weeks prior to me winning this session. And I knew that when it came to getting clarity on how to determine my niche and target market, Gaëlle’s approach was going to help me best.

And it most certainly did. It not only helped me identify Susan, ideal client 1.0, but after doing some market research, which she provided even more direction on, I was able to determine that Susan’s needs were already met, and using the same technique develop Courtney, who had an entirely different set of needs, ideal client 2.0. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.”

Amanda McRoberts

Business Coach

She clarified which business stage I got stuck in and unveiled an entirely new sales strategy to me.

I really needed help on sales strategy, my offering and prices for my outcoming online business.Within 15 mintues of our call she clarifies the business stage I was stuck in and then unveiled an entirely new sales strategy I hadn’t even considered.I thought I was a very good business woman but after speaking to her it was a good reminder that everyone needs guidance and support to help them grow. Every entrepreneur needs a Business Coach! When you’re working on your own products it’s easy to get stuck in your own insular view; having someone on the outside looking in was a massive breath of fresh air. Gaelle provided sales clarity and a business perspective in a short amount of time allowing me to get a fresh start and work more efficiently my sales and offering. After just a 1 hour session she had me hooked and ready for more!


Entrepreneur, Travel Fashion Girl

In just four weeks Gaelle has changed my business: I went from shooting once every 3 months to shooting 4 times a week!

I had an idea of how I wanted to redirect my photography business, but fear and lack of motivation prevented me to reach my goals. With Gaelle’s guidance I learned how to identify my blocks and find solutions, with simple tips ans exercises I learned how to reward my brain, stay positive and get into action. I finally learned how to delegate tasks, which increased my productivity and brought my stock photography business to the next level.

On the personal side I became more aware of my internal dialogue, I learned to reduce mood fluctuations and learned to communicate better. Gaelle listens without judging, asks questions that are truly revealing, makes you feel comfortable and offers strategies that fit the circumstances. when those strategies didn’t fit my personal strengths she pushed me gently outside of my comfort zone or worked with me to develop new ones that did.

I was skeptical about coaching, but after seeing the enormous change in my life I know it’s something I will count on for my business and personal growth. I can’t stop recommending Gaelle to friends and family.”

Luna Vandoorne


I went from feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed to energized and looking forward to keep going on my personal journey.

Staying focused by making myself a priority again is where I need to start. I am looking forward to doing a very needed activity you suggested and always being honest with those we love even if it’s not what they want to hear 🙂 Feeling Grateful. Thank you Gaelle! for your time to Skype with me and help me get started on this journey.


Cincinnati OH, USA

Gaelle is beautiful! In just one session, she helped me to see things I could not.

I got clarity about what my heart really wants at this point of my life. Sometimes we can’t see, or we just don’t want to see. I’m grateful she helped me. Also we went to the past and I realized there is so much work to do, I will definitely keep with her coaching. Thank you so much Gaelle!”


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Gaelle’s coaching! Such a rewarding and life changing experience!

I started seeing where I wanted to direct my business and I became more aware of my feelings, mood fluctuations, blocks and self talk. She helped me to finally understand why I couldn’t reach my goals and gave me tools to achieve the lifestyle I want!

Later I decided to continue working with Gaëlle with her three month package and it’s been such a rewarding decision and a life changing experience! Week by week we agreed on specific goals to accomplish before our next meeting, she made me question my beliefs systems and gave me tools to change them.

With her support I finally reached goals that I didn’t dare alone. I gave that workshop that I never felt capable of, as a result I connected more with my community, boosted my confidence in my work, helped me regain my passion for my craft and I visualized the live I want to achieve.

I celebrated with a month living in New York, something that before I thought impossible! Looking back I have the impression she planned carefully every step, because every aspect of my life seems now connected in a beautiful way: work, friends, family, service, personal growth and self care.

Luna Vandoorne


Gaelle’s yoga classes are always very well prepared with a topic of wisdom to make you really think about what direction you want to take throughout your life and how you can improve the quality of your life.

Her focus on breathing and meditation takes full advantage of yoga’s ability to rest the mind and sooth the soul. She burns incense and I love when she uses essential oil to offer therapeutic benefits for the body. Gaelle is constantly checking on her students well being, offering pillows and blocks to allow for deeper relaxation into the poses. Your body will thank you, your mind will be soothed and you will keep going back to her class because you love the way you feel!


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

What a lovely evening, I must say I enjoyed the stretching much more than I thought I would.

The setting, the sounds the gentle voice leading us – was more than I expected. And, today I have a constant reminder of our encounter as there remains remnant of the rose geranium oil on the straps of my hand brace. So when I begin to feel the stress I just sniff 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful evening.”


Cincinnati OH, USA

What a Gaelle’s Yin Yoga classes are amazing with gentle guidance, modifications as needed and relaxation music, there is nothing better in my day!

I sleep so well after a Yin Yoga class with Gaelle and become more enlightened.


Cincinnati OH, USA

Being a newbie to yoga I have to say that yin yoga was much more than I could have asked for.

Gaelle led the class with such knowledge and grace. I felt immediately at ease. The very first class left me with freed up movement , a singing heart and a peaceful mind, Gaelle is magical and I am so happy and thankful to have been a part of her classes. It was a body, mind,spirit experience.


Cincinnati OH, USA

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