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Training Calendar June 1 – Sept 30


– 5 Proven Steps Our Clients Use To Book Their First $3,000 Clients (even if no one has ever heard of them)

The step-by-step gameplan we used to create $10k+ month in our first year of business and that new coaches and consultants use to book their own $3,000+ CLIENTS (even if they’re just starting their business and no one has ever heard of them before!)

– Top 5 Reasons Why New Coaches Don’t Book Clients And What To Do About It!
How to EXACTLY diagnose what the REAL problem is in your specific case + The key actions you can take today to get 5 calls with clients eager to work with you in the next 30 days.


– Easily Book High Paying Clients Using These 3 Mindset Shifts

Overcome 3 biggest fears or excuses that prevent you from getting visible and starting your online coaching biz so that you can get your first high-paying clients + Discover the missing piece that’s keeping you stuck in the no-client zone and what to do to reprogram your brain to stop repelling money

– Know Your Numbers To Launch A Profitable Coaching Business
The simple change you can make to go from exhausted and financially disempowered to thriving and really knowing your numbers so that you can enjoy time with your loved ones or grab your passport and get on a plane


– Wake Up Knowing What To Do Every Day To Book Clients And Make Money
Learn how to organize your time and week to do all the things you need to do to ACTUALLY start booking clients + the most important key metrics to measure to know if you’re getting traction online and closing in on your financial goals



– 3 simple strategies to KNOW and FIND your target market (to start getting clients)
Get my #1 secret strategy to discover who are your ideal clients and where they hang out online so that you can  start building your list + 2 sureways to resonate with your target market and attract ideal clients who adore you and can’t wait to invest with you


– How to price your services for PROFIT in your coaching business
I’ll share with you My EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much you must charge for your business to be profitable.


– Attract & Book Your Dream Clients Effortlessly, Using The Power Of Your Unique Story!
My #1 strategy to attract my ideal clients in the most authentic and natural way + The 5 MUST HAVE principles of The Art of Storytelling for engaging your audience so you can attract and BOOK ideal clients



– Design YOUR personal brand voice, Stand out easily from your competition so that your ideal clients say YES to working with you!

How to find what’s your uniqueness that your clients will love about you + the EXACT checklist I use myself and share with my customers, so that you can position yourself as an expert and get followers to ask more about working with you


– Use the power of storytelling in your messaging to effortlessly sell your packages!
How to position stories in your messaging in a way that sells your offer without ever feeling salesy + The 5 questions you NEED to ask any client, to get POWERFUL testimonials that make someone say: “OMG! I need to hire you as my Coach NOW!”
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