Are you ready to QUICKLY nail your niche and offer so that you can EASILY GROW your list with IDEAL CLIENTS who love what you’re doing and can’t wait to work with you or buy your product?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible, you can nail your niche faster than you ever thought and position yourself as an expert right away so that you can charge the prices you want in a way that feels good to both your client and yourself!

(But let me guess… It probably doesn’t feel that way to you though!
Well… if that’s the case, I’m glad you were guided here.)

Maybe you feel like:


You're lost in the amount of work that needs to be done do get clients

And you don’t know where to start.


You're not clear on who you're meant to serve

Or you don’t know where to find them

You're posting online constantly but your engagement sucks

And you hear nothing back aka you don’t know how to get noticed by your ideal clients

You're scared of being visible or being sales-y

I can hear the little voice in your head saying: “I’m not an expert”, “what if people see me fail?”


Who are your ideal clients and where can you find them?

I see entrepreneurs who are new make the same mistake: They don’t have a niche, or their niche is not precise enough. The problem is that if you speak to everybody, you speak to nobody. That’s why having a precise niche is CRITICAL in the online world.

Sadly many of them give up after few months or on year because they try to do it on their own but they don’t get any clients (like Christina who I’ll introduce you to in a couple of minutes). Their results are not worth all the efforts they put in so they start thinking maybe it’s better to close their business and let go of their dream.

If only they knew the SIMPLEST, FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to nail their niche and offer by doing the right efforts that pays big results…

When I quit my corporate job as a research scientist and communication manager in 2014, I took the time to listen to my heart to see what the next chapter of my life would be.

I didn’t want to make the wrong choice.

In early 2015, I decided to follow the signs of the Universe and chose coaching as my new career. I could feel how very fulfilled and happy I’d be making an impact on individuals all over the world.

So I invested in a one-year coaching program and became a Life coach to mentor women who want to travel abroad or live abroad.

End of 2015, I was freshly graduated with all that coaching knowledge.

And no business skills.

So many things to do in a start-up business so I hustled 14 hours each day.

I didn’t get any clients FOR 6 MONTHS. And I had no clue what else to do.

So if you’re in this situation right now, I get it. I know it’s really painful.

But in 2016, I did something which flipped the script. something anyone can do to start getting online clients. And I finally nailed what was missing in my niche.

And as a result, WOW!

I saw a big difference in both my niche’s PRECISION and the RESULTS of my efforts when I booked 10 sales calls in only 2 weeks and signed-up my first client for $4.7k!

And thanks to all of that, 6 months later, in December 2016, I made my first $10,000 month from word of mouth only. And more clients asked me questions about starting their own business and how I run mine and I loved sharing all of it so I pivoted to business coaching.

Since then I have:
– Launched several high-ticket group programs
– Raised my prices 4 times
– Got off the ‘hustle’ and ‘bling-bling’ waves and focused on growing my business as ‘boutique coaching’ style instead to create real freedom
– Taken 2-3 months off from marketing several times per year to focus on my personal and spiritual growth which are very important to me + living unique travel experiences.
– Still made $10k+ months right after coming back!

My business now allows me to take vacation in Mexico to enjoy the Caribbean during the winter, Bali, or France to have fun with my nieces all summer. I enjoy the best of each country at the perfect time!

Ready to share your skills to the world?

Do you want to nail down your niche and offer and EASILY ATTRACT amazing ideal clients?

Whether you want to become a successful service-based business (coach, consultant, expert) or you want to sell your products online, the 3 keys to book premium clients are to know:

  1. WHO are your ideal clients,

  2. WHAT do they want,

  3. HOW to speak to them,

You don’t need branding, you don’t need to start with probono clients, you don’t need to start at a low price that makes you feel demotivated or drained, you don’t even need a website or testimonials. And you also don’t need to waste your money on advertising especially if you don’t even have proof yet that your offer works for your ideal clients

I know if I was able to do it, my clients are able to do it… you can do it too! If you are passionate and driven, I’ll show you how.

Is the business and online stuff confusing you? Have you tried finding your niche and offer yourself but still didn’t book any clients?

This program will show you, what actions you need to take to nail down your niche and offer so that you can attract ideal premium clients -aka the best clients 😉

It’s the step-by-step my clients have also used to get their first $3,000 client without any website or testimonial.

All you need to know is how to nail down who your ideal clients are, where to find them, and how to speak to them.

Nail Your Niche and Offer. Be Clear. Irresistible. Get Paid.

Module 1:

Be crystal clear on your ideal clients and your impact on them

  • Get The INDUCTION Method to know your ideal client inside-out and attract them to truly grow faster
  • Create a magnetic mission statement that make them want to instantly work with you.
  • Connect emotionally with them so they naturally trust you because they know you get their problem and have a solution that works

Module 2:

Speak the words that turn fans into paying clients

  • Learn to speak to them in a powerful and ethical way that creates trust and easy sales
  • 3 easy ways to grow your tribe who adores you and can’t wait to invest with you.
  • Set yourself apart from your competition so you can be confident that you instantly pop out instead of getting lost in the online world

Module 3:

Why they’ll fall in love with you

  • Learn the proven method to finding out exactly what your customers really want and how to position your offering to maximize your profit
  • Claim the space you’re meant to take in the world and be recognized as the expert and go-to person for your niche to easily grow from referrals

Module 4:

Nail down your irresistible offer

  • Learn the secret to make your offer irresistible so they immediately realize “OMG I need that!”
  • Your Unique Value Proposition: Finally feel completely confident in the services you provide
  • The right price that feels great to you AND your client + generates healthy profit so you can support your lifestyle easily


You’ll Get Ongoing Live Support & Community

  • Group Coaching Calls: Twice each month, you can join the live support calls with me where I will provide more guidance and answer your toughest questions. Recording of these calls will be available and you can choose to send your questions in advance if you’re not able to make it on the live calls.
  • There is a positive supportive community in a dedicated student-only group where you can support each other.
  • You also get my expert support in between calls as I answer any burning questions you may have in the group.
  • Pair up with a buddy for brainstorming and accountability to make sure you don’t go MIA in your business and reach your goals.

Bonus Trainings

Bonus #1

My Market Research Swap Copy Folder

Reuse exactly the same template that attracted my ideal clients and helped me build relationships. In this bonus, you will get:

  • The templates and screenshots of my own market research posts and how my clients used them for their success so you can reuse them too!
  • List of the exact questions I ask during interviews + recording
  • Market Research non-business niche recording + my feedback to the student to make it better

Bonus #2

Know Your Numbers Masterclass and Formula (video+spreadsheet)

Get my EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much to charge to have a profitable business. In this training, you’ll learn:

  • To calculate and create the exact PROFIT that will support your lifestyle
  • The #1 mistake to avoid when pricing your services that drive so many online businesses to failure without knowing it
  • The simple change you can make to go from exhausted and financially disempowered to thriving in your business

Bonus #3

My Copywriting & Words that Sell course (audio+guidebook)

Stop sabotaging yourself by using words that don’t resonate or repel your ideal clients and discover instead the secret formulas and power words that will help you create killer content. In this training, you will learn:

  • 16 formulas for headlines & email subject lines that always work (so your emails get opened!)
  • How to avoid being sales-y in your copy
  • What to do when you have the writer’s block
  • What words to ban and what powerful ones to use instead to create copy that attracts your dream clients

Liane used the Market research Swipe Copy folder to create ONE post. She woke up the next day to 31 appointments booked and got 28 PAID energy sessions from it.

“My biggest take away is not only when she helped me zero in on my niche, but more importantly when she coined the title “Energy Healer and Life Coach” from the verbiage I was using to describe my work.

Before, I was afraid to call myself an Energy Healer and that it would turn people away and I would be rejected as weird or feared. We not only zeroed in on my niche, but she also helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people.


Energy Healer and Life Coach

What’s included in Nail Your Niche and Offer?


My unique step-by-step system to nail your niche & offer

so that you can go from unclear to irresistible and get paid.

4 Audio modules and workbooks

to keep you on track!

2x support calls each month to get all of your questions answered

+ support group for feedback in between calls

1 private session with me to check-in and keep you accountable

and experience the power of receiving a high-quality business coaching session

Immediate online access & lifetime access to all future materials & bonuses

Even if the price doubles or triples, you will still have access to everything. you can start whenever you want, pause, go on vacation, come back to it, finish it in your own time and you also have access to all future updates and all future bonuses.

Working with Gaelle has taken my business from feeling like a disorganized collection of ideas and hopes to a solid system of generating clients.

I had a vision for what I wanted to accomplish but I needed the system and process for doing it. I have learned about marketing, copywriting, storytelling how to conduct assessments and discovery calls and how all of these work together to create clients.

If you are looking for a coach that will hold you accountable to action and teach you how to take your business to the next level Gaelle is the coach for you!

When I hired Gaelle as my coach I expected to meet with her on a regular basis. What I did not expect was all of the time and energy that she puts into her clients in between sessions — reviewing and giving insight on everything I was creating in between sessions.

Now my business is growing and instead of just a collection of hopes and ideas it has become a true self-sustaining business.


Transitional Coach

Birgit booked her first 3 high-paying clients.

  • She booked her first client on her first phone conversation,
  • She grew her Facebook group to 140 members,
  • She participated as in expert in an online summit,
  • She was a keynote speaker at an event in Los Angeles,
  • She got into the spotlight at an event in Zurich and got 30 appointments as a result.

Love Coach

I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client.

I can’t THANK YOU enough Gaelle. You have literally CHANGED MY LIFE and business.

I’ve been successful in business and have no shortage of clients for the last number of years but have always been afraid of raising my prices and charging what truly reflects the value of what I offer.

Within 4 WEEKS of doing your training, I enrolled my very first VIP coaching client for my 6-month coaching program and was able to confidently charge $4500 which felt in complete integrity with the value that I offer.

The BEST part was that, when the client “questioned” the rate at $/hr, I was able to completely own my value and demonstrate why the price is what it is. Within 3 weeks of our discovery call, he emailed me to say YES.


Movement & Mindset Coach

What you will create:

By becoming a student of Nail YOUR NICHE AND OFFER, you will get:

⭐ Who your Ideal Clients are and where to find them

⭐ The exact process to conduct market research efficiently

⭐ Your High-Value Signature Offer priced in a way that completely supports you.

And you will be able to:

⭐  Grow your list with ideal clients who love what you’re doing and can’t wait to work with you.

⭐  Position yourself as an expert right away.

⭐  Charge the prices that you want in a way that’s ethical and feels good to both your client and yourself.

I made the money back at least 10 times. Something shifted in my identity!

“Before working with Gaelle, I had transitioned from working in-person to moving everything online. I had my signature program twice and it left me feet depleted and like I was throwing spaghetti on the wall. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. I didn’t feel supported and yet I had to support all these women… I was spending lots of energy but it didn’t create results.

The ROI on the program has been a no-brainer. It is beyond price because it’s going to impact everywhere I go from there. It changes what I charge, how I see myself, the people I’m attracting, what I know is possible for myself…”

Note: Blaire joined my Signature program Light Up Your Inner Boss to work together over 5 months and successfully launched her online program, made $12,000 in one week with an additional $2,000 in passive income afterward. She now has a five-figure offer and is well on her way to 6-figures this year. Nail Your Niche and Offer is one specific piece of the Light Up Your Inner Boss program to specifically help you nail down your niche and offer.


Embodiment, Love and Intimacy Expert

Working with Gaelle was a game changer for me!

“I am a new coach setting myself up with an in-person and online relationship coaching business. When I met with Gaelle, I was feeling overwhelmed and pulled in a lot of directions as I have a broad skill set. I had set up a landing page for my website but it was too broad in scope yet I wasn’t sure how to make it more focused and who my niche market should be.

Gaelle helped me to narrow down my niche, hone in on my offer and the benefits of working with me and crafted my mission statement. She helped me to gain clarity on where I need to focus my efforts at the moment and what I can let go of. I now have clarity in the areas where I felt confused and have a roadmap to follow as I build my new website and launch my business.

Gaelle’s gentle yet direct manner really worked for me in terms of her calling-it-like-it-is but not making me feel judged for making decisions that haven’t necessarily served me. She helped me to really see the forest from the trees for the first time.

I am so grateful for Gaelle’s insight, experience, wisdom and her direct yet supportive approach and I have since signed up to work with her privately for the next six month in her program Light Up Your Inner Boss and I can’t wait to get started as I know it will be the best investment in me and my business!”


Relationship Coach

Working with Gaelle was a game-changer!

“My coaching business was crawling along with one client here and there for the last 5 years and I never could sustain it. When I contacted Gaelle, I was considering closing my business.

Working with her privately, I reached all of my goals in less than 4 months and created new ones to expand my business success beyond my expectations.
I learned everything an online entrepreneur needs to know like copy-writing, storytelling, marketing, and a lot more. These skills alone were priceless to me. I now wake up every morning knowing exactly what to do and being excited. However, without having someone to help me get into the right mindset I could not have put everything I learned into action.
As a result, I made $12,000 paid-in-full in my business by signing 4 new high-ticket clients. All of this happened before I even graduated from the (Light Up Your Inner Boss) program and I am looking forward to the year ahead with confidence.

I loved Gaelle’s coaching style: It is kind, clear and to the point. She deeply cares and pours her heart into her work. Not one moment I felt left alone or without support. I am eternally grateful for her mentorship and support and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get a business off the ground or to the next level.

Note: Christina joined my Signature program Light Up Your Inner Boss as a VIP to work together privately. Nail Your Niche and Offer is one fundamental piece of the Light Up Your Inner Boss program to specifically help you nail down your niche and offer.


Relationship & Marriage Coach


Only 2 monthly payments of $549
One single payment of $999

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year.

“I’m finally getting clarity that I’ve never gotten from a coaching program or anything before.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching.”


Health Coach


Q: How long is it gonna take me to go through the course?

You can go through all of the modules and the bonuses in about 10-12 hours so you can go through it in 1-2 days if you want.
What’s much more important to me is if you implement everything and that takes more time of course.
So it’s not about just giving you a bunch of content, it’s really about
walking you through how to implement everything step by step.
Now because there are 4 modules, you will receive one email from me each week over the course of 4 weeks to keep you accountable.
The idea is that at the end of the 4 weeks you are feeling super confident about your niche and your offer and it’s second nature for you to talk about what you do and your offer in a powerful way without having to think about it.

Q: Is there a possibility to have private sessions in the course?

Yes, definitely. If you prefer to go the private route, you can get a private session at a special rate because you’re a NYNO student.

Q: Do you also have clients who have physical products?

Yes, the process is the same if you have physical products you still need to do market research and define your ideal client avatar so yes, I do have clients with physical products in the program and they are doing great

Q: When does the course start, can I go through it on my own time?

Absolutely! as soon as you enroll you have access to absolutely everything. You can go through it on your own time. You can take as long as you need, and you can come back, pause, revisit any of the lessons any time you want. We also have the private support group and the 2 monthly live calls which you’re invited to join as well. you don’t have to but there are there for you and I’m there for you if you want that extra accountability.

Q: Will I get personal feedback from you on my ideal client, my mission statement, or my offer?

Absolutely I love doing that and if you want me to, I will personally review your ideal client, your mission statement, and your offer. The best is on the live calls together or via the support group, I can do a screen-recording and walk you step by step if you need to make changes to make it bulletproof.
As long as you’re wanting to ask for feedback, I’m very happy to give you as much as you need.
You can also get private sessions if you want more one-on-one time or prefer to have more accountability or to ask me any questions on other topics than your niche and offer.

Q: Does this take more money to invest once we are in?

No, you only get more coaching and more support once you get in. no hidden fee or extra cost once you’re in Nail Your Nice and Offer

Q: Are the live support calls recorded?

Yes! You can join live and also listen to the recording as many times as you want. You have 30 days to download them if you want to keep the recording for longer.
If you can’t join live, you can also submit your question before in the private Facebook group that will be open exclusively to the students of this program. Really there is absolutely no reason for your question to be unanswered unless you choose not to ask it 🙂

Q: Will I be able to ask my questions directly to Gaelle?

Absolutely! During each live call, you’ll be able to ask questions to her. You can also post anytime in the Facebook group and tag her to get her feedback.

Q: How quickly will I see results and how much money will I make?

As you can imagine, no one can promise you that you’ll make a certain amount of money in a specific amount of time.
Having said that, I’ll be honest with you – if you’re a fast action-taker, you will see fast and phenomenal results, while slow action-takers will see slow and frustrating results. This program will help you nail your niche and offer and conduct market research interviews. But it can’t do the work for you. Only you can do the inner and outer work necessary to see the results you personally desire. You get out what you put in, as with anything else in life! You can see my students’ results on my testimonial page. They are amazing women!

Q: How does the money-back guarantee works?

We know how much of a game-changer these tools, and the course can be for you if you do the work, so we offer a full refund provided that you: (1) complete ALL Modules, (2) send an e-mail to requesting your money back and (3) submit all your completed assignments from the Program to date within the 14 day period following your date of purchase.
A full refund will only be given if requested within 14 days of purchasing the course, AND if the student can prove that they did the work, implemented the strategies, and still didn’t see any results.
Refunds due to change of mind or buyer’s remorse will NOT be granted.

Q: I don’t have a business idea right now, is this program for me?

I believe each individual has skills that others are willing to pay for. Otherwise, you’d never ever have a job in your life. I’ll help you get clarity on your skills and business idea, and how that translates in terms of ideal client and offer. You’ll have to make fast decisions and roll with them. If indecision is your best friend, this program is not for you. In this program, we let go of indecision, procrastination, and perfectionism because that’s what keeps you stuck.

Q: I just started my business (or I started a while ago but aren’t making a lot of money), is this program right for me?

Totally! If you’ve just started your business or started it a while ago but aren’t making the money that you desire, that means your niche and offer aren’t working. So you will benefit tremendously from getting clear about your ideal client and your offer and all the amazing bonuses shared in the program.

Q: I don’t have a credit card or a paypal account, do you accept bank transfer?

Yes, please send us an email at to get the instructions to make your payment via Transferwise

If you need help signing-up, email us at

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