Are you stuck in the process of becoming an Entrepreneur despite feeling this burning desire to start your online coaching business? Are you secretly anxious and wondering at night: What if I fail? Or what if people see me fail?

I know how it feels because 2 years ago, I was in the same situation! What would people say if I fail at coaching after quitting a super successful and secure engineer career? What would my parents think after paying for my engineer school?

And then I realized something: When you get out of college and find your first job, you often realize that all is new, you have to learn many things on the job that your school didn’t teach you, learn the culture of the company, having a boss and colleagues.

And you still did it, learned everything you didn’t know and got better at it. Was it a smooth curve? Of course not!

All I’m saying is that EVERYBODY fails! At some point or another! But in the case of your first job, you had mentors inside the company who taught you about the system and how to do your job.

It’s the same with building your online coaching business! When I got my first 6 to 7-figures mentors, following their systems, marketing strategies, and sales techniques, IT WORKED!

People who do the work, see results! There is a system. It’s not just magic or chance.

If you emulate the behavior and techniques of successful mentors who have walked the path before you, you will succeed.

Millions of people are creating their own company, and many are successful!. They had (and will have) failures along the road but individuals who succeed and are millionaire are no smarter than you. They just tried and kept going at it! There are the ones who transform failure in an opportunity to learn.

You succeeded over so many other challenges in the past; I’m sure if you were making a list you would be impressed! This one is no different than the others!

You’ve got this! All you have to do is to take the first step, find a mentor and then trust that the Universe has your back and enjoy the ride!

I believe in you!


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