ELEVATE (6-month Private VIP Mentoring Program)

You can have SUCCESS in your coaching business, without sacrificing your FREEDOM and your love of TRAVEL!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible, you can have the same Lifestyle I have or create the one that fits you best!
But let me guess… It probably doesn’t feel that way to you though!

Well, let me say: You’re not here by chance and I’m so glad you’re reading this.

Maybe you’re stuck because you feel:


Overwhelmed with all the free content you’ve accumulated or the group programs you’ve attended but you’re still not seeing results

Consistent flow of paying clients

Scared of being visible online

I can hear the little voice in your head saying: “I’m not an expert”, “what if people see me fail?”

Struggling to clearly say what you do to effectively communicate your value and finally sell out your one-on-one practice

Because it’s so much easier when you have a waiting list for new clients

You keep hearing “I can’t afford it” or “I’m not ready, I’ll think about it more” on each call

Or maybe the phone isn’t even ringing and potential clients aren’t booking a consultation with you

Being an entrepreneur is about living your Life on your own terms
and having Financial & Personal Freedom right?
The money, the independence and a line of clients who want to work with you…

But right now, you’re more feeling like you’re a slave to your business and you wonder what you didn’t do right or what you’re missing to make this happen. You wish you knew what matters and what to focus on every day to be strategically taking actions that result in signing paying clients.

I know this frustration too well. Here is what my debut as a coach looked like:

  • I was hearing crickets from the online space for months, despite me posting every day. (little did I know my copywriting wasn’t that great, let’s be honest I find it HORRIBLE when I re-read my first posts!)
  • I only had 6 discovery calls in 9 months: 2 were friends, 1 was an ESL teacher (what??), 1 said he was ready and vanished into nature and 2 could not afford it. Suffice to say: None of them became paying clients.
  • I spent $500 in Facebook ads that converted nada!

Far from the thriving business I had in mind! I really thought I was a fool to have left my super well-paid corporate salary for this!

But now it’s different!

  • I have high-end 1:1 coaching packages and international luxury VIP retreats
  • I’ve raised my prices 5 times
  • My ideal clients book appointments with me because I’ve cracked the code of highly effective marketing online.
  • Women say they save my posts for great copywriting examples (so proud!)

I also stopped being a slave to my business and have more time than when I started because I focus EXACTLY on what I need every single day to keep booking clients, increase my income and serve my clients the best way possible.

Are you ready to get one-on-one support so you can have someone as a mentor who’s walked the path before you, someone who’s living exactly the lifestyle & business you desire AND who’s a great teacher? Are you done with failing at figuring it out on your own?

Are you ready to have continuous support that’s uniquely customized to you and your business goals instead of getting a bunch of PDF to fill in at a group program where you have no clue if you’re on the right tracks and implementing correctly? You just guess you’re not because you don’t see any results!

My 6-month 1:1 program is specifically designed for you if you’re serious about:

  • Going from hobbyist to business woman ladyboss and having a solid business that expands as you do
  • Building a profitable online biz that allows you to travel while fulfilling your purpose
  • Reclaiming your financial and personal Freedom and being an inspiring leader

This 1:1 program is entirely customized to you and your needs. That means we’ll design together a plan with only what you need and none of the things you already know or don’t care about, so you’re getting to your goals with real focus and clarity.

I made the money back at least 10 times. Something shifted in my identity!

Before I started the program, I had transitioned from working in-person to moving everything online. I had my signature program twice and it left me feet depleted and like I was throwing spaghetti on the wall. I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue. I didn’t feel supported and yet I had to support all these women… I was spending lots of energy but it didn’t create results.

So much changed after joining the program! It anchored me on my sense of purpose because I felt supported. It made things so much easier in my business. Systems and processes was a nightmare before and after the program, it became so much easier.

By the end of working with Gaelle, I switched my business model and I feel so much more supported and relaxed. The program helped me to raise my rates significantly and to be comfortable with calls and actually enjoy them now. The mindset work has been so powerful and something I would have never imagined.

The ROI on the program has been a no-brainer. I made the money back at least 10 times . Also something shifted in my identity through the program and now I’m sitting in the seat of a business woman. That’s priceless, the ROI on that is beyond price because it’s going to impact everywhere I go from there. It changes what I charge, how I see myself, the people I’m attracting, what I know is possible for myself…

If someone is ready for the next level, they need a guide and what’s great with working with Gaelle is her knowledge of systems and processes and the amount of know-how and support she is giving. Blaire Lindsay

Embodiment, Love and Intimacy Expert

I signed up my first client at €3,000 on my first sales conversation.

During my time working with Gaelle, I was able to gain clarity about my mission, define my offerings and even signed up my first client at €3,000! I’m 100% more confident in my sales conversations.

Gaelle has been a fantastic mentor! I really appreciated how quickly she responded with honest feedback and insights, so I was able to keep my motivation up. I would definitely recommend working with Gaelle!

  Catherine Pestoni

Stress Resilience Coach

We define together where you’re at and what your goals are for your coaching business and I CUSTOMIZE these 6 key pillars to FIT YOUR NEEDS so you can create a consistent flow of clients and enjoy running your PROFITABLE and inspiring biz like a boss.

The 6 building blocks of the program are:


  • Learn to be confident charging what you’re worth so that you attract your first clients at prices that feel great to you.
  • Learn to do business your way so that you can feel truly unique and are able to stand out as a leader and inspire your clients to do the same.


  • Get crystal clear on your message and what’s unique about you to attract ideal clients who want to work with you and nobody else!


  • Craft irresistible offers you love selling without sounding salesy so you can hear YESS! more often.
  • Learn how to get your first client without even using paid advertising and replace your job income so you have more financial freedom.


  • Build a community full of loyal & perfect prospects who are excited to work with you before you even get on the phone with them!
  • Learn how to get raving testimonials that makes it a no-brainer for your ideal client to work with you!


  • Learn to install structures & systems in your business so that it can be highly efficient and highly profitable without you feeling like a slave to it.
  • Create a mesmerizing website that sells for you while you sleep.


  • Create private retreats to travel to your dream locations and meet face-to-face with your premium clients so you can get the reward of witnessing their transformation during this luxurious experience (don’t forget to splurge at the spa too!)

Gaelle’s VIP program has been a game changer for me!

As a Relationship Coach ready to start an online coaching business, I felt overwhelmed as to how and where to start. Without coaching with Gaelle, I would have launched a divorce coaching business that I would not have felt lit up about!

Gaelle’s VIP program has enabled me to find clarity and direction and to build the momentum that I’ve needed while not getting sidetracked by myriad entrepreneurial distractions. Her experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me so that I can not only stay on track with my business goals but also create a healthy business mindset and do the market research required so that my products truly speak to the needs of potential clients. As a result, I developed the perfect program and already have booked a new client!

Gaelle’s gentle yet direct manner has really worked for me. She calls it like it is and helps me to really see the forest from the trees which is critical for me as a new entrepreneur. I am so grateful for her insight and wisdom as well as her direct yet supportive approach.

Working with Gaelle has truly been a game changer for me and my business! Nicole Keefler

Divorce Recovery and Relationship Coach, NicoleKeefler.com

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year.

I’m getting deeper insights into myself and really laying what I feel is a strong foundation for my business that I had never gotten before. So far yes, it’s meeting my expectations.

I’ve accomplished more in the last few weeks than I have in more than a year. I’m finally getting clarity that I’ve never gotten from a coaching program or anything before. I wouldn’t be where I am today without coaching.

I really appreciate Gaelle’s approach and how she works to keep me accountable while still making me feel well supported and heard. I also love how thorough she reviews the work and how she notices where I may be needing more clarification or direction. Lyzz Kirk

Health Coach, Lyzz Kirk - Improving Fertility Naturally

I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires!

“I have gone from knowing nothing about how to set up a coaching business to gaining clarity on my niche, my ideal client, where to find them and how to approach them. I also learned a lot about how to prepare a retreat and I look forward to hosting my Tango Soulventure in Buenos Aires this Easter with the help and support from Gaelle!” Simona Sramko

Tango Retreat Host

Why am I the right coach for you?

  • I’ve been right where you are and I know how to get you unstuck with minimum hassles
  • I’ve developed an international business and had an international career in consumer understanding and sensory science which I still use today in my business
  • I understand what it takes to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur, the difference in mindset that it requires and what it takes to start your own business
  • I live the Freedom Lifestyle and travel year around between Bali, Mexico, France and the US.

In the past years, I invested $25.774 in:

  • An international 1-year online coaching and business academy course
  • A life-changing 6-month business group program
  • Two high-level 1:1 business coaches
  • A top-notch Facebook Ads advanced program
  • A Facebook ad consultant rockstar
  • An international 4-month Media exposure group program
  • A powerful group program about How to Design Your Dream Team
  • An advanced group program about Creating a Legendary Live Launch
  • A Mastermind program with amazing lady bosses who are also on their way to build their 6-figure business
  • A world-class 8-week course on designing sales funnel with Facebook ads, webinar, and powerful sales calls

Once I invested in myself and my business, I moved at a super fast pace and now I can share with you the successful techniques I learned that I know work!

What I got now supersedes all the amount of money I can ever earn. It’s not a material thing anymore. It exceeded my expectations, and it is better than what I knew to ask for”

For me, the biggest shift is when I understood fear. Fear was very strong when it all started to come together, to look real and it became very overwhelming. Now it has very little impact on me.

I always felt I’m built to do something bigger so I was always searching and it’s a frustrating place to be in when you’re never satisfied with what you have. And somehow I’ve achieved that. I definitely feel confident from the inside: I no longer need someone to tell me I’m doing a good job. I no longer need someone else’s belief in me. I somehow have it inside me now. I don’t need approval, and I don’t feel judged anymore. I feel whole.

I’m very pleased with all that I have achieved. I always felt that something is missing and now I know it’s not missing anymore.

It’s such a great place to be that makes me not worry about how much money I’ve invested because what I got now supersedes all the amount of money I can ever earn. It’s not a material thing anymore. It exceeded my expectations, and it is better than what I knew to ask for”

Janelle Rizzo

Career Visibility Coach

What’s included in the ELEVATE program?


  • Orientation packet to prepare you to be the most productive and efficient during our time together so that you can get results faster
  • Welcome packet to give me details on your biz and to get you laser-focused on your goals


  • 1 Deep-Dive session of 2-hours to get started with your strategy and mindset work and establish your goals for the next six months.
  • 16 laser sessions of 45 minutes each to keep you focused and moving on the right priorities. Each appointment will be customized to your needs and where you are at that moment.
  • Access to my 5-month online group program LIGHT UP YOUR INNER BOSS modules to boost up learning
  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp access in between sessions to get you unstuck or give you feedback on your homework or copy: You can always count on me and ask questions in between sessions.


  • Books list to skyrocket your mindset and keep a positive attitude to help you overcome doubts and easily attract new clients to you (Value $299)
  • Training library of 30+ videos + Access to my 3 best-selling online courses for even more benefits during and after your coaching program (Value $2,990)
  • Pre and post sessions questionnaires to optimize our time together and make sure all your needs are covered.
  • A mid-package and end-of-package review of your goals and strategies to celebrate your progress and redefine goals as you progress and complete them.

I love it when women are so COMMITTED to their personal growth and business that they say YES to investing in themselves!! If you know that I am right the coach for you, I want to say THANK YOU and acknowledge you for making a commitment to yourself and stepping up for your business and your future!

If you sign up DURING OUR DISCOVERY CALL, I will gift you a 2-hour intensive to be used either at the beginning to boost you right at the start and create momentum or later during our time together, to go over advanced topics like business strategy, online programs, Facebook ads, whatever you’d like to cover! (Value: $1,300)

We not only zeroed in on my niche, she helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people.

“After my Fast-Track Intensive with Galle, My biggest take away is not only when she helped me zero in on my niche, but more importantly when she coined the title “Energy Healer and Life Coach” from the verbiage I was using to describe my work.
Before, I was afraid to call myself an Energy Healer and that it would turn people away and I would be rejected as weird or feared. Instead, she has helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people through working on balancing their energy field for optimum shifting and healing.
One result of this approach is that my clients are able to break through their blocks more comprehensively and move forward more thoroughly in all areas of their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” Liane Memmer

Energy Healer and Life Coach

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Gaelle’s coaching! Such a rewarding and life changing experience!

I started seeing where I wanted to direct my business and I became more aware of my feelings, mood fluctuations, blocks and self talk. She helped me to finally understand why I couldn’t reach my goals and gave me tools to achieve the lifestyle I want!

Later I decided to continue working with Gaëlle with her three month package and it’s been such a rewarding decision and a life changing experience! Week by week we agreed on specific goals to accomplish before our next meeting, she made me question my beliefs systems and gave me tools to change them.

With her support I finally reached goals that I didn’t dare alone. I gave that workshop that I never felt capable of, as a result I connected more with my community, boosted my confidence in my work, helped me regain my passion for my craft and I visualized the life I want to achieve.

I celebrated with a month living in New York, something that before I thought impossible! Looking back I have the impression she planned carefully every step, because every aspect of my life seems now connected in a beautiful way: work, friends, family, service, personal growth and self care. Luna Vandoorne

Photographer, www.lunavandoorne.es


Regular Price: $7,500 paid in full (or $9,000 with payment plan)

Our work together is really about aligning with your deeper WHY, so you can show up in crazy authentic way and feel like you’re really honest with yourself about the impact you wanna make.

This is about learning to be more decisive, to move past fear and doubt, and being able to build this business and to be focused on your big vision while you have a positive impact with the people you’re meant to serve.

If you’re ready to stretch yourself and access those untapped natural resources you didn’t even know you had and reach your highest potential as a woman in business, this is the package for you!

Be honest with yourself, break free from the fear and doubt that’s been keeping you playing small and if you’re SO READY to indulge with joy, success, excitement and pride in your business, then please book a discovery call now.

Apply to schedule a discovery session and we’ll discuss where you’re at, where you desire to be and if we’re a good fit for one another!


She clarified which business stage I got stuck in and unveiled an entirely new sales strategy to me.

I really needed help on sales strategy, my offering and prices for my upcoming online business.

She clarified the business stage I was stuck in and then unveiled an entirely new sales strategy I hadn’t even considered.I thought I was a very good business woman but after speaking to her it was a good reminder that everyone needs guidance and support to help them grow.

Every entrepreneur needs a Business Coach! When you’re working on your own products it’s easy to get stuck in your own insular view; having someone on the outside looking in was a massive breath of fresh air.

Gaelle provided sales clarity and a business perspective in a short amount of time allowing me to get a fresh start and work more efficiently my sales and offering! Alex

Entrepreneur, Travel Fashion Girl

Honestly, I’ve only been able to make quantum leaps in my business when I hired one-on-one coaches. I’ve made my investment back and even some profit each time.

During our time together, you’ll learn the strategies and tools to create the same opportunity for yourself.
Believe me, I know how it feels to make a big decision and a big investment. I’ve been in your shoes multiple times and it was exciting but scary as hell each time.

To tell you the truth, I say that to anyone who asks me advice on becoming a coach: You’re not going to get results until you get the 1-on-1 support you need and someone who has their eyes on your business consistently for 3 months.

By investing in yourself, you’re stepping into this space of who you truly are and that version of you that you want and deserve to be and that will attract clients who want the same for themselves.


  • You want to create or have created a business and you’re ready to take it off the ground
  • You’re ready to invest in yourself and have the financial means to do so
  • You want to move past the roadblocks that are holding you back from achieving goals
  • You want someone to hold you accountable but call you out on your excuses with tough love


  • You have no idea what you want to do
  • You’re not motivated to change your life
  • You love indecision and playing the victim
  • You’re not ready to take risks or stretch yourself

Gaelle helped me identify blocks in a very deep care and loving way and helped me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity.

She is investigative for one reason & one reason only, to help you identify what is blocking and to set you free to be YOU, your genuine you.

I felt and experienced her deep care for my power and my freedom. Gaelle has a leadership quality that comes from her professional background I presume, she is a pillar you can lean on and explore your vulnerabilities.

She was there 100% to help me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity.

This woman is FOR REAL!” Denisa Rensen

Branding Coach, Bliss Designed


  • I am going to push you and be bluntly honest with you
  • You WILL get out of your comfort zone.
  • We WILL have lots of laughs.
  • And we will get you clear and focused
(per month for 5 months)


Paid in full
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