Half-Day Intensive

Feeling OVERWHELMED about how to book discovery calls in your coaching biz?

Do you want more FREEDOM and end up feeling

like you’re online all day long without anything to show for it?

I heard nothing for months despite being “visible” (or so I thought!)

and was exhausted too (and so disappointed!).

I then tweaked my niche, messaging and marketing plan

and booked 10 calls in two weeks.


Are you ready to learn the natural process you can use each month

to book 10 Discovery calls or more a month?

How would it feel:


To have your entire marketing plan for the month DONE


To be clear and unique in your niche and messaging


To double your visibility on Facebook but cut the time you spend online in half


To craft irresistible offers with great content


I’d love to help you implement these pieces but
I only have space for FOUR very special high-achieving woman
on this special 1-on-1 Intensive each month

I liked a lot the way Gaelle efficiently challenged my perceptions, was helping me find the perfect words describing my mission and taught me the keys to fascinating storytelling.

As being a coach just starting out, I was stuck on defining my specific niche, as well as was very uncertain of how, in what way to incorporate my life story into my messaging.

Being stuck has created a strong resistance within me, which showed up as procrastination and lack of drive, what you’d rather wanted to avoid in your first months of entrepreneurship.

I knew, that finding the right niche is essential before moving forward with my biz building, since all of the systems are going to be developed around that particular target market. I also wanted to make it sure, that I select a niche which I can serve the biggest joy and fulfillment.

During our session, Gaelle gently guided me towards finding the right and reassuring answers to all of my concerns. Thanks to Gaelle’s efficient and dynamic guidance during the session, we could touch all the topics I intended to.

With her help, I now have a solid confidence in who I will serve, what is my mission, and how to create impressive messages out of my life stories, which will inspire my audience. I’ve totally regain my momentum and joy in moving forward with my business, being certain that everything about it is in total alignment with my authentic self. I’m on fire again!!! Thank you so much Gaelle!

Tunde Belenyesi

Business Mindset Coach

My Fast Track Intensive with Gaelle was a game changer for me!

“I am a new coach setting myself up with an in-person and online relationship coaching business. When I met with Gaelle, I was feeling overwhelmed and pulled in a lot of directions as I have a broad skill set. I had set up a landing page for my website but it was too broad in scope yet I wasn’t sure how to make it more focused and who my niche market should be.

Over the course of the 3-hour Fast Track, Gaelle helped me to narrow down my niche, hone in on my offer and the benefits of working with me and crafted my mission statement. She helped me to gain clarity on where I need to focus my efforts at the moment and what I can let go of. I now have clarity in the areas where I felt confused and have a roadmap to follow as I build my new website and launch my business.

Gaelle’s gentle yet direct manner really worked for me in terms of her calling-it-like-it-is but not making me feel judged for making decisions that haven’t necessarily served me. She helped me to really see the forest from the trees for the first time.

I am so grateful for Gaelle’s insight, experience, wisdom and her direct yet supportive approach and I have since signed up to work with her privately for the next six month and I can’t wait to get started as I know it will be the best investment in me and my business!”

Nicole Keefler

Divorce Recovery and Relationship Coach,

We not only zeroed in on my niche, she helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people.

“After my Fast-Track Intensive with Gaelle, My biggest take away is not only when she helped me zero in on my niche, but more importantly when she coined the title “Energy Healer and Life Coach” from the verbiage I was using to describe my work.
Before, I was afraid to call myself an Energy Healer and that it would turn people away and I would be rejected as weird or feared. Instead, she has helped me truly embrace my gift of helping people through working on balancing their energy field for optimum shifting and healing.
One result of this approach is that my clients are able to break through their blocks more comprehensively and move forward more thoroughly in all areas of their lives mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Liane Memmer

Energy Healer and Life Coach, Life Grooves Coaching

Do you also want my help to accomplish more? Set a strategy together or work on your offer, package, story or messaging?

Then this laser-focused powerful Fast Track Intensive is for you. Click the button below to get yours and schedule it or contact me if you have any questions.

Half-Day Strategy & Coaching Intensive


I was confused, now I feel more empowered than before.

“I was confused about my niche, especially the benefits of my offer. Gaelle helped me to get clear on where I want to bring my clients and to realize that I totally could coach them further than I thought and how to. She also shared her experience as a coach and helped me resolve some issues I meet in my practice.

The questions in the workbook are really efficient AND accurate enough that I could nail down my niche. Besides, Gaelle helped me to put the light on the unclear aspects and to separate the wheat from the chaff, to understand that I get confused about what I think and what my clients may want.

Now I feel more empowered than before.”

Marie Laurence Davy

Psychologist & Transitional Career Coach,

Gaelle’s approach is more methodical and makes a lot of sense. She is stellar!

Gaelle is a very clear and precise communicator. In our Intensive Coaching session, she gave excellent and insightful direction, she asked excellent, clarifying questions. Why is all of this important? Because without a clear plan, I’m more likely to spend my days putting out fires and creating/dealing with emergencies.

Gaelle’s approach is more methodical and makes a lot of sense. Also, that the call was 90 minutes was fantastic. It was the perfect length of time for us to get real work done: We created my “ideal client” persona.
Wasn’t I surprised when I was having coffee with a friend a few days later, and she told me of a referral she had for me — who fit this persona exactly. I’m meeting with this woman in the next week, and I also have a very good idea about how to find more just like her.
Even though this intensive was my first time meeting Gaelle, I felt that she “got me” and I made really good headway in formulating my business.

Gaelle, as a coach, you are stellar! You had a simple agenda that was very clear. You gave me choices (do you want this, or that?) and we got right to work. You’re an excellent writer and communicator. Meeting on Skype was perfect. It felt like we were in the same room, sitting and chatting. I really like that you are so good about making the session about your client. (I’ve talked with coaches who are “all about themselves” and you do not do that).

You have just the right personality for this work — you’re warm and friendly, but you don’t pull any punches. A couple of times I stalled in our conversation and you jumped in and gave me a push. Perfect. Your input just from one meeting was so helpful. I’m looking forward to more.”

Amy Biddle

Marketing Consultant, Luova Inc

Gaelle helped me zero in on what was most important

My Intensive session with Gaelle was exactly the crucible I needed to refine my thinking so I could quickly take action! I’d been struggling with fine tuning my ideal client profile and messaging. Ideas were madly spinning in my head.

Gaelle helped me zero in on what was most important and provided a clear structure to help me quickly capture and clarify my thoughts. But more than that, Gaelle’s deep listening and insight helped me up-level my thinking so that the sum was better than the parts! ”

Annabel Melnyk

Branding and Business Mentor, Annabel Melnyk

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.

I’ve been watching Gaëlle’s videos for a couple weeks prior to me winning this session. And I knew that when it came to getting clarity on how to determine my niche and target market, Gaëlle’s approach was going to help me best.

And it most certainly did. It not only helped me identify Susan, ideal client 1.0, but after doing some market research, which she provided even more direction on, I was able to determine that Susan’s needs were already met, and using the same technique develop Courtney, who had an entirely different set of needs, ideal client 2.0. It was an amazing opportunity to work with Gaëlle, and one that I plan to have in the future at a much deeper level.”

Amanda McRoberts

Business Coach

Truly a phenomenal experience!!!

During my Deep Dive Intensive with Gaelle I felt understood, respected and comfortable while we took a deeper look into the challenges I faced in my business.

We were able to get clear on my ideal client, my niche and my offer (which was something I struggled with for over a year). I also learned how to conduct effective marketing research to assist me in perfecting my craft and bringing my practice to the next level.

I would highly recommend Gaelle’s Intensive to anyone who is looking to gain clarity, remove any stumbling blocks and take their business to higher levels. Truly a phenomenal experience!!!

Natasha White

Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coaching & Reiki

And here is an update from Natasha (shared with her permission):

Since the Intensive last week I started my own fb group and been nurturing my members with great feedback on the content I provide.

I’m also getting awesome responses to my posts and comments in other groups showing me I know how to appeal to my ideal client’s needs and desires. I’m also having fun building relationships and feel like I can finally express myself so much more in my business!

Thanks to you I found my niche and progressing each day towards my coaching business dreams!!!!”

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