MONEY CLINIC: From Financially Stressed To Financially Free

Welcome! You found this secret page because you joined the Avant-Premiere list for the Money Clinic program, watched a Masterclass or we have a friend in common and she recommended you to join the Money Clinic and wanted you to save up to $1600! 🙂

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Then Welcome!


Imagine being able to say:


YES to that super cute dress from your favorite brand

Without checking the price


YES to that VIP day with your best friends at the most luxurious spa in town

Or maybe you prefer a week-end getaway?


YES to that plane ticket on the best airline in the world to fly

With your loved ones for an amazing exotic vacation across the globe

without ever worrying about money!

Hello! I’m Gaelle Lecourt, Freedom & Business Coach for women entrepreneurs.

For the past 5 years, I’ve been working with women JUST LIKE YOU – women who want to redesign their lives, women who want to start or grow their own business, women who want to gain more freedom, financially and personally, by sharing and making a positive difference in the lives of others!

I’ve helped all these women to achieve these extraordinary results that YOU DESERVE TOO:

  • Finding your passion, dropping your fears and starting your own business,
  • Increasing your fees as much as four times and selling much more easily than before
  • Celebrating your first 5 and $10k month
  • Quitting your corporate job to finally live your life on your own terms
  • Doubling your revenue after a long time of previously trying on your own
  • Selling your high-end program and making $10k within a matter of weeks, sometimes even in just 7 days

When I started my own business in 2014,

  • I personally wanted the freedom to travel the world and spend my time as I wish.
  • And I wanted to fund my desire by doing what I loved: inspiring and helping people to live their dream life and become financially free.

On my journey, I studied premium coaching from the best coaches in the world, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), marketing & communication, accounting, wealth consciousness, I read 500+ self-development books, invested more than $25,000 in educating myself (and still invest now!).

I experienced upleveling my money consciousness, my level of abundance & flow multiple times, sometimes as fast as every 3 months.


The next day, I realized some of the exercises I gave to my clients were actually not about Mindset but about the Energetics of Money. This is what happened: I did one exercise myself, enjoyed it, closed my notebook and…

Wow! I was shocked! Here in my inbox were messages of women saying YES and signing up for my course. 😳

I hadn’t done more marketing, or strategized more.

First time, I thought it was a coincidence (my background is in Sciences), but another energetic exercise the next day had the same result. 😳😳

Then, it happened 2 other times! Wow! And all of that happened after taking 6 months of complete break in my marketing to reflect on what my Soul deeply desired to create.

So suddenly, it hit me: These exercises worked at the Instant Energetic Level. And nobody has ever done a course about money that tackled all the Key Ingredients together from the marketing nuts and bolts to the Energetic Selling Level.

Because such a holistic program didn’t exist yet, I decided I would answer the calling and be the one to create and share this with the world.

When you combine the 5 key ingredients together, you use them synergistically and can keep reusing them to create more and more abundance in your life. You’re not having the “missing-piece syndrome” anymore.

These 5 key ingredients have truly changed my life.


I don’t teach you how to get to the next level

I teach you the tools to PASS ANY LEVEL.


MONEY CLINIC: From Financial Stress to Financial Freedom

Make Money Exactly When You Want & Grow Your Profit

This life changing 12 Weeks program is a transformative course for aspiring women entrepreneurs and those who desire to Create Financial Ease and Freedom in their lives.
It will equip you with a practical toolbox of powerful marketing strategies, accounting technique, Energetic Selling secrets and mindset shifts to achieve your goals.

In a very-high level energetic environment, you will have the opportunity to master the art and science of unlimited cash flow, grow in confidence and access money-making abilities you never knew you had!

This knowledge is PRICELESS and a passport to wherever you wish to go next in your life and your business journey.

Upon completion, you’ll know how to:

Stop pushing $$$ away,


Make more $$$,


Keep more $$$,


Have no stress about money,


Work less & earn even more.


Sign up now and receive amazing bonuses:

 Save up to $1,600 (even better than Early-Bird price!)
 Receive a bonus one-on-one coaching session with ME  (Available to the first 3 ladies who sign-up!)
 3-month access to my Mastermind group to implement the Cash Booster campaigns and triple your results

The 5 key pillars of the Money Clinic program are:

You will learn:

  • How to let go of automatic limiting beliefs, habits and internal fears that hold you back and replace them with new much more powerful strategies that will lead you to your goals faster.
  • How to increase your confidence to charge more and receive more money for your services so you can work less without sacrificing your income.
  • The mindset of a successful and free entrepreneur so you can think like one
  • How to build money goals that motivate your subconscious

You’ll learn:

  • The Essential of business cashflow, and how to keep more money in.
  • The counter-intuitive strategy to have an independent business that’s debt-free, and pays you every month
  • The strategy that generates profit all the time without you having to work more for it

You’ll learn:

  • Different mid-term strategies you can start now to diversify your income and work less while earning more.
  • How to pick the ones that will light you up and leverage your natural strengths and your money style.
  • Why diversifying is a great solution to consistently have money flow.

You’ll learn:

  • How to clear your energetic money blocks so you stop repelling it and start healing your relationship with money
  • How to leverage Energetic Selling to sell more easily, faster than you thought without spending more time and effort on marketing.

You’ll learn:

  • Keep marketing simple with this 2-step plan that works in any niche as many times as you want
  • Easily bring cash in 30 days without a sales page, big launch or advertising budget
  • Have complete control over your cash flow and get bigger results in faster time

How AMAZING would it be…


Imagine that you confidently raised your fees and increased your yearly income by $36,000

Without loosing any clients because you deserve it


Imagine that you booked your first client at $4,500 in your new coaching practice

Thanks to just one instant mindset shift


Imagine that you made $10,500 in less than 30 days with a list of only 110 emails

You just used the must-have marketing strategies


Imagine that you erased $15,000 of debt while still receiving monthly salary to cover all your expenses

Because you know how to best manage your money


Imagine that you connected with 30 new ideal clients and signed up your first 10 customers

By just sharing one message online


Imagine that you worked only 25 hours per month without downgrading lifestyle

Leaving you with 135 hours to do what you love


Imagine that you received $3200 in passive income stream

Because your diversification is picking up momentum

These are ALL results women I worked with or myself got in our business using what I’ll share with you in this program.

You Weren't Born To Be Limited!

So, I invite you to join me for the Money Clinic program experience, where I will introduce you to the most powerful coaching tools on the planet and help you positively transform your money story.

    • You will learn how to:


  • Get cash in your business fast
  • Raise your energy instantly to receive abundance instead of repealing it
  • Shift any limiting belief you have that shows up while you grow your business
  • Increase your profit
  • Have a healthy worry-free relationship with money
  • Take vacation without worrying if your business will survive or be able to pay for it
  • Confidently raise your prices
  • Shut up your money fears and worries
  • Have more freedom and joy in your business
  • Plug your money leaks and increase your money flow

Why this is for you…

You deserve First-Class Quality

Premium Experience

I thrive at delivering an amazing premium experience for all my clients.

I’ve trained and learned from the best coaches in the coaching industry. I personally apply all the strategies and techniques I’ll share with you so you won’t learn just the theoretical, you’ll be learning from real life experiences and will be able to skip the trial and errors.

Most importantly, my core values are teaching with integrity and a deep care for you and your ability to realize your dreams, success and happiness. You matter to me.

Small Group

Forget about being on a call with 200 other students and having only 1 minute to ask a question. Every woman who worked with me will tell you: the level of personal attention from me during your training is way beyond expectations.

Customized Training

This is not a cookie cutter program. I value getting to know you very well even before the course starts. That way I can deliver the learning material in a way that is the most relevant to you. You will know it will apply to your situation so that you can benefit fully.

Support Beyond Expectations

Before, during and after the course, you’ll be immersed in a very high vibration group where you’ll get support from other students who will cheer you on at each success you collect and share your joy! I’ll also be here for you if you need help every day of the week to answer any questions or challenges you may need to think through.

After the course ends, you’ll also receive a 3-month invitation to my Soul Connection & Energy Incubator to keep raising and sustaining a mega high vibration and freedom lifestyle.

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Access to the Mastermind

 First 24-hour only

Get 3-month access to my Mastermind group to dive deeper in the implementation of the Cash Booster campaigns and triple your results.

You’ll get even more live personal attention from me and hot seats time to receive laser coaching on your business specifically

(Valued at: $10,000+)

More Sales Calls Easily

5-video course explaining the 10 different ways I used in my business to get fully booked

Disappears After August 27th

(Valued at $1,497)

Copywriting Secrets

My Copywriting Secrets and Templates that Easily Attract Ideal Clients will reveal to you the perfect words and recipes I use to create magnetizing messages.

Disappears on Aug 29th

(Valued at: $1,197)


Working with me means a deep shift in your identity and what you’re able to create. Many women say their lives have completely changed for the better after working with me. It’s an unforgettable experience to feel safe and supported to completely blossom in who you truly are. But don’t rely on my words! Read on for just a few comments from the women I’ve had the pleasure to help:

By the end of this program, you will…

  • Feel safe with your money, receiving abundance and being able to give back
  • Know you’re making the right decisions about your business financials
  • Be empowered to change anything you don’t need anymore.
  • Enjoy being present in your life without the stress and worries linked to money
  • Have more choices and free time in your life to take care of yourself and your loved ones
  • Have a completely different relationship with money and feel more connected to it
  • Have a major upgrading of who you think you are, your business and what you’re capable of
  • Feel more confident in charging what you deserve to be paid for your work
  • Feel more connected and create even more opportunities
  • Help more people, spread your message wider and have a bigger impact
  • Plug your money leaks and increase your money flow

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re the victim of circumstances and blame others or find excuses for where you are
  • You’re indecisive and ask around for advice
  • You’re in business just to make money and think the end justifies the means
  • You want a magic pill that will change your situation without you having to change anything.
  • You bargain for prices or brag about Doing It Yourself.
  • You expected to see pictures of me laying on my bed with 100 dollars bills all over me
  • Your pattern of keeping yourself small is louder and you don’t honor your commitments

This IS for you if...

  • You are committed to your passion and what you do.
  • You make fast decisions, follow them with inspired actions and stand by them.
  • You know you’re responsible for your life. You have high integrity in your personal & professional life.
  • You’re highly coachable and open to feedback
  • You’re honest and follow up on your commitments
  • You know following a step-by-step isn’t enough, it’s also about the energy you put behind it.
  • You’re ready to show up for yourself
  • You value growth and personal development and invest in it

Value of what you get in the Money Clinic program

Value of Module #1: $4,500

Value of Module #2: $9,997

Value of Module #3: $2,000

Value of Module #4: $2,000

Value of Module #5: $10,500

Value of 12 group coaching calls: $8,400

Value of Community platform: $1497

Value of Bonus #1: $10,000

Value of Bonuses #2: $1,497

Value of Bonus #3: $1,197



The Money Clinic program starts on September 23rd

The Standard Investment is 4 monthly payments of $900

(Save up to $1600 by joining the Avant Premiere list!)

What’s included in the Money Clinic program


  • A welcome questionnaire that will kick start your transformation process and give you clarity on what exactly needs to be done to get what you want
  • An Orientation packet to prepare you to be the most productive and efficient during our time together so that you can get results faster
  • A questionnaire to customize the program to your needs



  • 12 video modules customized to all live students and delivered every week with all you need to know, case studies and examples about how to implement the 5 key ingredients in your own business
  • 12 group coaching sessions so that all your burning questions can be answered and your mindset and energy is tweaked for the most potent results
  • A FB group private community to be immersed in a positive supportive community that celebrate your successes and will create lifelong friendships. I also will check regularly if there are any burning questions inside that I need to shine my expertise on.


  • 3-month membership to my Soul Connection & Energy Incubator after the program ends to keep raising and sustaining a mega high vibration and freedom lifestyle with weekly journal prompts, monthly meditation and trainings

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Here are 8 SMART REASONS why this course is for you….

  1. If you’re limiting your spending around your personal development, it isn’t going to create the freedom you want.  Joining this program isn’t going to put in debt or on the street. It’s a smart, safe and worthwhile investment. You can’t go wrong with it, Join us!
  2. If you have ease to manifest more money when you want, I know you have a big driving desire to change the world and money is going to amplify the good you can do! You play too small by keeping your biz at this current stage. Let’s turn up the volume on your magic, join us! You know you’ll manifest the money to pay it back right away anyway!
  3. If you love the glamour and sparkles lifestyle, having a jaw dropping instagram, I know you’re a role model that people look up to. Everyone secretly wants to be YOU. Your leadership will help so many women raise their standards for self-care and pleasure! Joining the course will be an amazing asset that will pay off for years to come! Get onboard now!!
  4. If you’re into your biz to connect more with people and deplore the business owners who seem to be in just for the money, I get it! But I also know this is an excuse to keep your business small. I’m like this, I can see what blocks people from success! Avoiding looking at the truth is not only hurting you but it’s stopping you from connecting with many more people you can help with your gifts. Let me help you serve AND have financial ease! I guarantee you that you’ll love the women who are getting in and will make new like-minded peeps (because I’m like that, knowing my energy, I know I won’t attract peeps who are just in for the money! hehe)
  5. If you want to rebel against this course because you’ve heard it all about money mindset, marketing etc, I get you and as a rule-breaker myself, I’d like to let you know that this is NOT your typical program. I actually shut up all the BS you’re tired about with this program and show the real truth of what’s going on. So join me so we can break the rules together and enjoy more freedom on our own terms. And if not, then don’t join, it’s fine too!
  6. If you nurture peeps and end up feeling resentful of all that you give and all the other problems that you still want to solve in the world, it’s probably that you’re afraid of asking for money. Asking for what your work is worth isn’t greedy. You will never become a heartless greedy monster but you need to be courageous and charge enough to live from your biz and I can help you with setting beautiful boundaries that feel good for you and your clients or others around you. Join us!
  7. If you think or have been told that you’re not good with money, or you’re probably bored just thinking about it, I promise this won’t be boring, complicated or scary! Actually it’s quite an experience! If I was able to make reality everything on my vision board, so can you! Don’t be lazy and join us to make your dreams happen!
  8. If you’re frustrated that your dreams haven’t been happening as fast as you’d like, I know how you feel. I was there a year ago. And once I did the inner work and understood how to be in flow and stop being a workaholic, they came up faster than I ever thought. Put on the side for a minute that you have to work harder and harder to get what you want and lay back. Join us and you’ll seem there is an easier way!

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