About ten years ago, I was 23 years old woman living in Paris with a food engineering diploma.

I created opportunities for my dream jobs in the food industry, first in Switzerland, and then in the United States.

I was successful. I traveled to Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Tunisia, Iceland, Jordan, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, U.A.E, India, and many European countries.




But there is one moment in life when you feel there is more than this lab rat race for career, financial success, and social recognition.

You recognize you need to find what it is and embrace it.

From the age of 15, I started a spiritual quest that slowly quiets down as I pursued a scientific job and the realities of becoming an adult.

It’s in 2007 when I expatriated myself in the U.S that my soul called me to experience an awakening of my consciousness through Lomi-Lomi massage.

Along the journey, I soaked in the teachings of amazing spiritual teachers for the last 7 years.

I kept growing my learnings and my spiritual practice through different types of yoga and meditation.

Sometimes I was proud captain of my boat, sometimes I was slowly drifting away. I discovered the power of the thoughts to free yourself from past wounds and how to use your mind as the architect of your dream life.

I also discovered there are times this “mind over matter” mindset is useless and I am learning to let my heart speak.

Logic and project management skills don’t do much when wounds are emotional.

There was a pivotal change when a lot happened in a short amount of time.

I did the Ayurvedic Elemental Cleanse with Pamela Quinn and it cleared a lot of baggage off my life (from processed food to toxic relationships), and led me to become a Yoga teacher and Reiki master.

I felt like I had found a part of myself I had lost a long time ago and that I was finally whole.

I am manifesting now, at this stage of my life, being a transformational coach, writer and inspirational speaker.

The thoughts and emotions I had to let go in order to manifest my dream are very common among people who are contemplating making a change: fear, self-doubt, and unworthiness.

Honestly, those are kind of like the monsters under your bed or hiding in the closet when you are a kid when you get the guts to look at them in the face you realize that fear and imagination were playing you a trick. I wanted to share my story and the tools I used so that other people feeling those emotions could be inspired to overcome them too, to finally achieve their dreams.


But before we start, you owe something to yourself. Like for any transformational coaching, before any work starts the first thing that is mandatory to check is your commitment.

I have personally done the work I am describing in this blog and through my website and coaching practice and I can tell you right now that reading it is not going to make it happen like magic. Fantasizing about your life-changing is not going to make it happen either.




I need you to make a pause and take a deep breath right now. You have picked this blog and this post… and it is not a coincidence.

You did not want to just read about change and transforming your life like you would read Fifty shades of grey.

You probably devoured that last book of yours and couldn’t stop reading it to remmeber to breath but if you read this blog about transforming your life without pausing to reflect, I can guarantee you it’s like watching a whole season of your favorite TV show in fast forward mode.

You will not grasp half of what is going on and in the end, it will be like you didn’t really watch it because you did not connect with it.

My goal by writing this blog is for you to connect with yourself and try the different tools for yourself, so you can find that precise cocktail recipe that works for you. This is only possible if you are listening to yourself and your feedback.

So you will ask me… if the commitment is not in reading the blog where is the catch?

Well, my guess is that if you came to this post and this blog it’s because you wanted to make a change in your life, and as I already told you that doesn’t happen like magic, it means you will have to show up for yourself, you will have to commit to doing the work, whether it is the self-reflection or going beyond your comfort zone. You only do it for yourself. And if there is one person you have to show up for on this planet… well it’s you! If you cannot show up for yourself don’t even bother trying showing up for others.

So please have a comfortable seat, take a deep breath in to center yourself and be present.

Think about this commitment for yourself and how it will have such a positive impact on your life.

Commit to taking your time to read this blog, the newsletter etc… so that you understand the different steps necessary to transform your life by reflecting on what you read and what happens in your life.

Show up for yourself and be present while doing the exercises that are suggested from time to time. Go engage on the Facebook group or the Fan page or contact me directly if you desire support on your journey.

Take the time so that the information sinks in and gives time for your head and heart to grasp the concepts and give you feedback about it. Take the time to listen to yourself.

From Decision to Actions

I also need you to commit to being willing to take action.

Fantasizing about a different life is not enough. You have to take decisions, do things to put the Universe in movement for you

It is amazing how many times in my life I felt stuck and my brain could not get me out of where I was, I felt like I was waist-deep into a muddy pool.

That is because I was hesitating and I was looking into different directions.

The second I would take a decision, it was amazing how I would feel lifted in the air and how clarity would wash over me like a hose would shower the mud away.

So please take this time for you, to promise to yourself you will do the work to successfully change your life, whether you want a big change or a small change to happen. Take a deep breath in, make this commitment, breathe out and smile to yourself and to the change that is coming because you’ve decided it.

Now we are ready to begin your journey together!

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