The Life & Business Balance Membership called:

Soul Business Connection

For Women To Be Mindfully Aligned Entrepreneurs

Connect to your Soul and raise your Energy to find peace, purpose, and inner-guidance every day for a thriving business + a balanced life.

BEING balanced, happier and calmer in the world WILL CREATE EASE in your business, your relationships, your health, and of course your life! Now, you can receive laser coaching from me every month. Bring your challenges and ask me any questions about business, marketing, strategy, lifestyle, mindset, balance, self-care….

Do you ever….


Struggle to reduce the chatter in your mind, to find quiet time or respond peacefully to situations happening in your business or your life?


Feel like you’d like to start something spiritual but don’t know where to start because you don’t have anyone to talk to about it or how to include it in your business?


Find yourself going to extremes, playing the same patterns that don’t reflect the best version of yourself or sabotage your business


Feel lost when it comes to balancing all the balls you’ve been juggling (business, clients, deadlines, husband, kids, friendships, emotions, health, purpose, family, boundaries, sudden changes and unexpected events etc…)


Wish you were more inspired and fulfilled by your business (and didn’t feel like it’s just another job you’re hustling in)


Wish to learn how to read the signs that your body and the Universe are sending you and how to reconnect ^ trust your intuition more as it guides you?


Worry that you’ll never be able to create the balanced life where you feel at peace, centered, and joyful knowing that you’re enough and you’re doing amazing?


Are you ready to balance your business and your life to truly thrive?

I’ve witnessed so many women, including me, transform their lives when they add purpose and spirituality into their business and their lives.

Your spiritual and mindset practice are key to help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster that can be your business, relationships and life. It gives you the tools and methods you need to hear your inner guidance, what you Soul truly wants. But of course, you don’t know what you don’t know so to avoid the hustling and to know what action you need to take, you need someone to also guide you on the business and marketing nuts and bolts. Then you choose which resonates with your Higher-Self.

When you’re connecting both, you reach in your life an absolute state of peace, balance and freedom where life & business gets fantastic, easy and so much more rewarding and joyful!

Feeling in the flow and balanced becomes the new normal for you. You trust your intuition more easily to come up with creative and inspired solutions to problems. You feel more confident in yourself.

You know how to gracefully handle your emotions, any business or life situations coming your way. You respond in a graceful manner. When something bad happens, you don’t react anymore. You heal whatever needs to be healed and bounce back faster.

Peace and balance happen when you connect

your Soul with your Purpose in your Business and your Life.

You want to feel inspired, balanced and manifest your greatest life & business and be the best version of yourself, but you’re not really sure how to do it.

And you say to yourself “I don’t know where to start”. Well, my dear, I’ve got your back.

I’ve seen this struggle again and again in any woman entrepreneur. So I created something that will change your business and your life forever….

Let me introduce you to the SOUL BUSINESS CONNECTION

A Business & Life Balance Membership for Women Entrepreneurs!

I created the Soul Business Connection Membership to help you balance your health, business, personal growth, self-care and personal life so you can feel balanced and guided and the best version of yourself every day.

Each month, I deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet.

The Soul Business Connection Membership at a glance:

Heart-Centered Goals

At the beginning of each month, we review the prior month and set heart-centered goals for the new one. Then, each week, we review our progress with compassionate accountability. We plan what actions to do next and make sure they are aligned with our heart.

Monthly Meditations

The monthly meditations tie into a monthly focus and mantra. Each one is short enough to fit into your daily schedule, beginners’ friendly and helps you reprogram your brain for happiness and success.

Exclusive Training

For members only, you’ll have access to exclusive step-by-step training that will guide you on for either your spiritual practice or your business strategy to succeed in both your profession and your life.

Group Coaching Calls

Every month, I lead a live Q&A call for just the Soul Business Connection members. Ask me anything about your business, your spirituality and balancing it all!

Interviews with Experts

In the membership, you get access to business and spiritual experts, videos, trainings, interviews or Q&A sessions to help you dive deeper into a specific topic for business or a specific practice for your spirituality

Anniversary Gifts

Save 50% on most of my digital courses anytime and get special extra anniversary gifts (one of my digital courses for free or an exclusive 1:1 coaching session with me when you celebrate every 6-month anniversary as a member).

When you connect your Soul, Purpose, Business and Personal Growth in your life, taking care of yourself and being able to joyfully share the best version of you with others becomes your new normal. You feel empowered, guided and inspiring. Your happiness and balance don’t depend on anything or anyone outside of you.

The Soul Business Connection Membership makes it really easy and joy FULL to live your best balanced life – because it gives you flexibility on which tools you resonate with and how slow or fast you want to implement the guidance. You’re never on your own, And the moment you join, you become part of a supportive  community of women who share your values and help you stay on track.

No more hustle 🙂

Welcome to Your New Life and the Best Version of Yourself!

Life topics examples covered on the calls

  • Reducing chatter from the mind to better hear your inner guidance and find your answers
  • Creating balance in life and better self-care to feel centered, comfort and peace in your life
  • What spiritual tools are out there and how to navigate them depending on your needs
  • Understanding how the body speaks to us through ailments so we can restore ourselves to optimal health
  • Managing the energies, internal, masculine & feminine etc… in our life and relationships so we can be the best version of ourselves
  • Managing emotions and mindset to feel more at peace with life when challenge rises
  • Leveraging your feminine cycle to do less and accomplish more in your life
  • Discovering types of Yoga, meditations and other techniques to relax and interact with energies & signs to better navigate your life, work and relationships
  • Creating healthy personal boundaries for more freedom and joy
  • Creating a healthy money mindset and healing your money story

Business topics examples

  • Business Mindset for Success
  • Niche, Messaging, Storytelling to stand out online and attract the right clients effortlessly
  • Feminine Biohacking to improve Consistency and create more Freedom
  • Do less, accomplish more strategy
  • System & Processes for more ease, freedom and money in your business
  • Facebook Ads
  • Team management and Delegation
  • PR and Media Pitch
  • Webinars
  • Marketing strategies that feel Aligned and Authentic
  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle for entrepreneurs
  • Money Smart Strategies for less stress and more profit
  • Time and tasks management for more ease in your day
  • Entrepreneur life Behind the Scene
  • Market Research to sign up new clients
  • Designing your High-End Offer
  • Mindset Shifts to Charge Higher Prices
  • Psychology of Sales
  • Simple Funnel strategies to generate qualified leads

Become A Soul Connection Member

Choose the subscription that’s best for you!

I went from feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed to energized and looking forward to keep going on my personal journey.

Staying focused by making myself a priority again is where I need to start. I am looking forward to doing a very needed activity you suggested and always being honest with those we love even if it’s not what they want to hear 🙂 Feeling Grateful. Thank you Gaelle! for your time to Skype with me and help me get started on this journey.


Cincinnati OH, USA

Gaelle is beautiful! In just one session, she helped me to see things I could not.

I got clarity about what my heart really wants at this point of my life. Sometimes we can’t see, or we just don’t want to see. I’m grateful she helped me. Also we went to the past and I realized there is so much work to do, I will definitely keep with her coaching. Thank you so much Gaelle!”


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Gaelle helped me identify blocks in a very deep care and loving way and helped me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity.

She is investigative for one reason & one reason only, to help you identify what is blocking and to set you free to be YOU, your genuine you. I felt and experienced her deep care for my power and my freedom.

Gaelle has a leadership quality that comes from her professional background I presume, she is a pillar you can lean on and explore your vulnerabilities.

She was there 100% to help me find my freedom, my power, my authenticity. This woman is FOR REAL!

Denisa Hrncirik-Maruyama

Branding Coach, Bliss Designed

Should you join the Soul Connection Membership?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or not in your business or in developing a connection with your soul.
Wherever you are now, the guidance and resources I share in the Soul Business Connection Membership will help you to navigate your life, business, emotions, relationships and any situation in a balanced way instead of a reactive way. This will create meaningful and sustainable changes in your life and consequently in your business.

If you want an easy way to understand the different strategies or styles to incorporate spirituality in your business and how to connect better with your Soul to feel more guided in your life and business, the Soul Business Connection Membership group is for you.

If you want to feel peaceful, inspired and supported in your every day actions, then the Soul Business Connection Membership is for you.

What do you get once you’re in?

You get:

  • Miracle mantra and guided meditation for each month
  • Heart-centered goal setting session every month (Founding Members Circle gets a quarterly live bonus session to review their goals)
  • Planning and compassionate accountability session
  • Access to full video lectures and training available only to members
  • Live online coaching calls to receive my personal feedback

Perks of Ongoing Membership:

  • Access to full video lectures and training available only to members
  • New training for business or personal growth
  • Special expert interviews available in avant premiere only for members
  • Free access or discounted prices on my digital courses
  • Special private session with me every time you celebrate 6 months being a member

You’re Meant to Be A Member!

Choose the subscription that’s best for you now!

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