Feeling lost in a sea of coaches who say the same things?



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In this Training, I will show you:

  • My Exact Step-By-Step Process to uncover what differentiates YOU from others.
  • The 5 Principles of storytelling and the Key 5 Ingredients you need to add to intrigue YOUR ideal client & make them want to learn more about working with YOU.
  • How to efficiently use Storytelling in your messaging to SELL your packages effortlessly.

WARNING: This training is 25% OFF for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! It’s packed with ACTIONS and is ONLY for go-getters! If you’re seriously ready to MASTER YOUR STORY to attract ideal clients to your business, this training is for YOU!

What this training is about:

Video #1
The 5 MUST HAVE principles of engaging your audience through storytelling so you can use it in your branding to attract and BOOK ideal clients.


Video #2
The 5 KEY ingredients all your stories need to have to intrigue your audience right away, so you catch them in their automatic scrolling tracks!

Video #3

How to make the connection to attract the RIGHT client + the EXACT checklist I use myself and share with my customers, so that you can position yourself as an expert and get followers to ask about working with you.

Video #4

The 3 POWERFUL exercises (I only share with my private clients!) to reveal what’s fascinating about you and to empower you to craft several magnetizing stories you can use in your messaging.

Video #5

The 5 questions you NEED to ask any client, to get POWERFUL testimonials that make someone say: “OMG! I need to hire you as my Coach NOW!”


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(use one-time coupon code “standout25” at checkout!)

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