I wanted to share this with you today to show you the reality of Entrepreneurship:

Even after investing more than 12.000 dollars last year in coaching and training to develop my business, it is still excruciating me to spend money.

I fear I won’t be able to make the return on my investment.

In the beginning, I was scared to invest in training. Now, It’s about investing in my team and hiring experts to manage my social media and projects like creating sales funnels for example.

Working on Mindset is a constant work in progress. As you break some glass ceilings, new ones appear.

When I look back, every single investment I did, I made my money back AND MORE!

I wanted to share that with you to show you that even as a scientific engineer (me!) who’s got all the proofs and data that investing creates high ROI, I still emotionally doubt and stay in indecision too long when I need to spend money.

And we both know, it’s EITHER your TIME or your MONEY!

There are only two ways to go about it:
1. You pay to have it done, and in exchange, you have free time to invest in something else,


2. You save and do it yourself, which will take time, but you have money to invest in something else.


Except: Money can come back to you multiplied but nobody can give you back your time.

So that is why if you are serious about your dreams and taking actions to make them happen, it is so important to burst those fears and invest.

Of course, if your dream is just wishful thinking, and if you’re not ready to do the work to achieve your goals, then spending your money will NOT bring you any return on investment.

The reality of Entrepreneurship is:
You will have to be serious about your dreams and what it takes to accomplish them
You will have to make decisions, fast (indecisions will lead to failures)
You will have to burst your fears and heal your money mindset to make investments.
You will have to manage time as your most precious resource and master it

Where do you feel resistance and blocks coming up for you around this topic? Scheduling your time? Investing your money? Doing the work that needs to be done?
Let me know by writing a comment below!

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