In this 5-Day Challenge, you’ll learn:

  • My #1 strategy to attract my ideal clients in the most authentic and natural way
  • My step-by-step process to uncover what differentiates you from other coaches online and will make your ideal clients say YES to working with you even if you’re a new coach!
  • The 5 principles of engaging your audience through storytelling to intrigue your ideal client and make him want to know more about working with you!
  • How to efficiently use storytelling in your messaging to sell your packages effortlessly



Here are the 5 replays of the Livestream:

Day #1:

How new coaches can use storytelling in their branding to attract their ideal clients

Day #2:

How to intrigue your ideal client at the beginning to get his attention on your message

Note: Here is the homework I didn’t share at the end of the video! Oops 0:)

>>> Share your story INCLUDING the 5 secret ingredients we talked about today:
– Why
– Before
– After
– Your Want and Roadblock
– Your Secret Weapon

(You can share by video or text, it’s totally fine with me! I can give you extra feedback on visibility if you do videos!)

Day #3:

Making the connection to attract the RIGHT client

Day #4:

Discover what’s fascinating about you

– Case study

Day #5:

How to get client’s stories to sell your packages even when you sleep

Read Cindy’s homework to follow along as Gaelle is reviewing it at the beginning of the video

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