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Many entrepreneurs have a GOLDEN STORY inside of them.
Sadly they don’t share it and miss the biggest opportunity to create more IMPACT and INCOME by just being AUTHENTICALLY themselves.

Are you ready to learn how to:

– Turn any everyday life situations into MESMERIZING SOUNDBITES STORIES
that make you UNFORGETTABLE,

skyrocket your business to 6-figures and beyond?

Maybe you’ve finally decided to share more
about yourself and deeply connect authentically
with your followers and potential clients but
you feel stuck because:


You’re wondering “What story should I tell them?”


You’re anxious your stories won’t be interesting to them.


You’re afraid to end up with a long-winded boring story.


You’re holding back because you fear sharing “too much” will backfire on you

Have you ever dreamed of having endless content to share with your audience, the type that drives that special emotional connection and attracts amazing clients to you, the ones who share your values and keep recommending you?


What story shall I share, where, when… and HOW?

But right now, you’re more feeling like: “I have no idea what to talk about!”. You wish you knew how to structure your story for maximum WOW FACTOR without sounding salesy and that you’d be able to see a direct impact on your business sales and cash. Right?

I know how you feel. I have worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs who have felt the same way.

I wasn’t using any personal bits of my story in my marketing when I started my business back in 2015. I didn’t have a poor-me story, never had debts and was trying to emulate what I was seeing from big names in the industry.

But here is the thing: Peeling someone else’s face off and putting it on yours like a mask and making it up is NOT working. I sounded like everyone else, I was posting quotes to be inspirational and content to get traction but I was getting zero engagement.

I didn’t want to share anything about my personal journey, even though I was coaching women to also travel and live abroad like I was doing.

And then….

After 3-4 months of being visible online with my new business, I started receiving messages from friends in the USA saying that they were reading all my posts and how inspirational it was for them (I had no idea, I thought nobody was reading hem because nobody said anything before)

Because my friends in the USA knew MY STORY. So on this day, I decided to share it with my online tribe.

I had to think of the most powerful way to share it!

I was scared because I am a very private person. I thought many would judge me. I wasn’t confident yet about all my choices in life.

Thankfully, during the last 2 years of my corporate career as a communication manager,
I had studied the Art and Science of Storytelling to enable changes in people’s lives.
So I used the same specific techniques in my business.

Ready to build your movement by sharing your key stories with the world?

All you need to know is how to choose your best stories and how to structure them so they
always catch the heart of your ideal clients and turn them into loyal clients.

This program will show you all of that: It’s the step-by-step my clients have also used to discover their stories, and share them into the world. They got their first high-paying ($2500+)  clients in their signature programs and started creating their movement this way!


Storytelling to Inspire, Connect & Authentic Easy Sales

Maya made $5,000 in 24 hours from just sharing one story

Maya already had a business with few low-end online courses, however struggled with making profit because she only had a couple of coaching clients. Through working together and running the numbers in her business, she first was able to raise her prices (which was so needed!).

Maya powerfully included the storytelling techniques in her website about page & sales page, in her newsletter. She also shared her story into one post. she signed up 2 new clients from it and made $5,000 that day from just this one story.

As a result of working together in the business mentoring program, she more than doubled her revenue in her business.

Maya Novak

Injury Recovery Expert and Mindset Coach,

In this program, you’ll discover:

  • The key structure to a story that intrigues and mesmerizes.
  • How to magnetizes emotions to connect and resonate with your potential clients, no matter what’s your business
  • What’s so unique and fascinating about you that when you put it forward, it resonates with the right type of clients you’ll love working with and having in your tribe.
  • The 5 stories your brand needs to have instant premium and expert status.
  • Where and when to use your stories for the best impact so that you can grow your business, your movement, and your revenue.

Blaire got 438 likes and 83 comments on her story and turned this engagement into her first $10,000 in a week

Blaire was frustrated because the engagement on her Facebook profile and instagram had seriously decreased in the last 6 months.
We worked on sharing her story that very little people know.

Using stories is particularly critical for Blaire. She is a feminine catalyst and intimacy coach so it’s very important that trust and connection are built because unless her clients feel empathy, they can’t connect and open up.

We decided to share her story in a 3-part series.
As a result, Blaire, she got organically 438 likes and 83 comments. She then turned this engagement into $10k in a week by launching her new premium coaching program.

People were being amazed at her story and feeling much more connected to who she is. Through stories it became crystal clear to her audience the impact her work has into the world and her clients can resonate with it even if they don’t have yet the language to express the transformation in words.

Blaire Lindsay

Femininity and Embodiement Coach,

Storytelling Mastery
Here is what’s included in the program:


Module 1:

Grab the attention and inspire your prospects so they are eager to work with you

  • The only 5 ingredients you need to tell a suspenseful story so that you can turn any new lead into loyal followers ready to invest in your services.
  • Learn how to grab the attention of your audience in a split second so that they stop right in their tracks and listen or read your message.
  • Share your mission stories to inspire your audience and make the impossible finally possible for them.

Module 2:

Magnetize emotions to capture the heart of your clients and transform their lives

  • discover the golden principles to mesmerize your audience and create a deeper emotional connection so that you can create a heartfelt movement
  • What are the foundations that ensure there is no disconnection between you, your values, your audience, your products, your brand…

Module 3:

Discover your Fascinating Factor to Stand Above Your Competition

  • Discover your fascinating factor and what makes you unique to stand out while being authentically yourself
  • Get my exact step-by-step process to uncover what differentiates YOU from others and learn the 3 POWERFUL exercises to reveal what’s fascinating about you.
  • Get the 3 most powerful words (personalized to YOU!) that you can use in your messaging to anchor your brand and values into your followers and fans so that they deeply resonate with what matters the most for you and become lifelong customers whose lives have been changed by your work.


Module 4:

Spread your movement like a wildfire to grow your sales and business exponentially

  • Transform your life-turning moments into powerful head-turning mission stories to become unforgettable and make more sales effortlessly.
  • Craft your pivotal stories into mission statements and learn where and when to use them for best impact.
  • Use these mission stories as staples that identify you and what you stand for so that your movement’s mission and values are clearly identifiable.

Module 5:

Craft your brand stories universe to multiply leads and increase the number of lives you impact

  • Learn the 5 Must-Have Stories to raise your brand to premium status so that you can charge higher prices an have a bigger impact
  • Master advanced storytelling techniques to create your premium brand’s universe so that you can create momentum growth and your own legacy movement

Module 6:

Make your clients testimonials more human and powerful so they sell for you in your sleep

  • Use Clients Success Stories everywhere from your website, social platforms to your media interviews and speaking engagements so that you can draw potential clients into your world who want to work with you and only you.
  • How to position Clients Success Stories in your messaging in a way that makes your offer magnetic without ever feeling salesy
  • Discover the 5 questions you NEED to ask to get POWERFUL Clients Success Stories that make someone say: “OMG! I need that NOW!”









Bonus Training

Bonus#1 Live Module:

Practice and Coaching Calls


  • Tell me your Stories to gain confidence for public speaking
  • Receive my personal feedback on the content and the delivery of your message to make it truly mesmerizing
  • Practice it live to overcome any fear or emotions so that you can powerfully make the impact you desire when sharing them on stage, camera or in networking events

Bonus #2 : Fascinating Advantage Test to Be Authentically Yourself and Make your Brand Memorable


  • The exact words that are your customized essence and will subconsciously attract and resonate with your ideal clients
  • The foundations to perfectly fit your personal brand
  • Which of the 42 personality archetypes show you at your best.

Client’s Story

Before working with Gaëlle I was really confused and stuck, not knowing how to request articulate testimonials from my students. They always write nice things from their heart but the information they gave was confusing and often useless.

Gaëlle & I worked together around using storytelling to get powerful impact using my students’ testimonials so they can be clear advocates of the work I do and results I provide, sharing my message to the right audience, resonating with my ideal client while attracting new clients as well.

If you are on the fence about working with Gaëlle, I’ll say, “Stop doubting and trust the process with her.” She takes the time to listen to where you are stuck and give you the help and support you need to have great breakthroughs, improving your own success!

Gaëlle is a professional who will tell you what you HAVE to hear to grow, no sugar coat, no fluff, just the real words you need to hear to get out of your comfort zone. Following the actionable tasks from her videos were the perfect solution for me to take my Social Media Coaching to the next level.

As a result of working with her, I have been able to help my students on how to write amazing testimonials, as for me, I have a clearer idea of what’s my message to the world involving my business/social media coaching.”

Sergio Mohar

Facebook Marketing and Live Expert

Turn everyday life situations into stories to create:

⭐ Awesome content to share that also resonates with your audience

⭐ Better connection and engagement at a deeper, value-driven level,

⭐  Mesmerizing stories that position you as unique, make you stand out and unforgettable.

⭐ Life-long customers, easier sales and more referrals

⭐ the movement that brings you from 5 figures to multiple 6 figures.

Who Is This Program For

  • Online Service based entrepreneurs
  • Course creators
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Coaches, consultants, speakers and authors
  • Local business owners too!
  • Community leaders & influencers

Who's this program NOT for?

  • Entrepreneurs who aren’t ready to share more about who they are
  • Speakers looking to craft their 20-minute to 1-hour presentation
  • Entrepreneurs who do not communicate with their audiences
  • Entrepreneurs who buy programs but forget them and wonder why they don’t get results (save your money, only join if you’re committed to get results)










2-Month Coaching Program with Live Support

6 Video Modules

+ Bonus #1: Practice Live Opportunity!

+ Bonus #2: Fascinating Advantage – Personality Test


 4 Live Practice & Q&A calls for 2 Months
FB group to connect with other students


Payment Plan:


2 monthly payments of $1111

SAVE $225 & Pay in Full:


One-time payment of $1997

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