Feeling lost in a sea of coaches who say the same things? Struggling to make your unique message magnetizing and heard by the RIGHT people?

Join this 3-part masterclass with Freedom & Business Coach Gaelle Lecourt where you’ll learn to:

Part #1
Attract & Book Your Dream Clients Effortlessly, Using The Power Of Your Unique Story!
(Nov. 18th @2pm EST)

  • My #1 strategy to attract my ideal clients in the most authentic and natural way.
  • The 5 MUST HAVE principles of The Art of Storytelling for engaging your audience so you can attract and BOOK ideal clients thanks to memorable branding!
  • The 5 KEY ingredients all your stories need, to intrigue your audience right away, so they stop in their tracks to read your post.


Part #2
The EXACT step-by-step to design YOUR personal brand voice, and stand out easily from your competition so that your ideal clients say YES to working with you even if you’re a new coach!
(Nov. 29th @10am EST)

  • How to find what’s your uniqueness that your clients will love about you.
  • How to attract the RIGHT client by just being yourself.


Part #3
Use the power of storytelling in your messaging to effortlessly sell your packages!
(Dec. 1st @10am EST)

  • The EXACT checklist you can use to convert your everyday stories into a compelling must-read for clients so that they’re compelled to work with you.
  • The 5 questions you NEED to ask any client, to get POWERFUL testimonials that make someone say: “OMG! I need to hire you as my Coach NOW!”
  • How to position stories in your messaging in a way that sells your offer without ever feeling salesy.
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