1. Asking open ended question first (so that you make sure you capture anything that was first in mind of client before influencing them by asking the more specific questions)

  • From 1-10 (10 being beyond expectations), how satisfied are you with what we worked on during your coaching Intensive and why?
  • What did you like the most and how important was it for you?

2. Feedback questions about third parties

  • Please tell me your experience from our provider The Spa?
  • How much would you rate it from 1-10 (10 being excellent)?
  • What about your treatments?
  • What did you like about it?

3. Asking an open question to gather feedback for making the retreat even better

  • Is there anything else you would like to mention so that I can better the VIP “Find Yourself Abroad” Intensive Retreat in the future?

4. Asking for authorization to use any part of the evaluation form as testimonial?

  • Do you authorize me to use parts of this evaluation for future sharing on social medias and website as testimonial? If not, would you prefer to write your own complete version? It will be used as a testimonial to help other women get an idea of the benefits of the retreat to decide if this is the right fit for them. Please take as much space as you’d like below to share your testimonial. Please talk about the environment in Mexico, doing it in person, the coaching intensive, the hotel, yoga, spa, the benefits or the before/after etc… Thank you so much!!

5. Asking for future interests

  • Would you be interested in the future in VIP Intensive Retreats in Europe?

I’ve shared the entire questionnaire for both my retreat and my 4 months package in a video in my group while I explained why each piece was important to gather, feel free to join and watch it if you’d like to get more details!

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