I wanted to share with you a very cool Instagram tip that definitely was a game-changer for my account.


You see, each time my social manager was creating promo posts in Instagram, she had to create the call-to-action to join my newsletter because there is only one link you can add in your profile bio.


If we had decided to promote one freebie in particular or one coaching package, then we would be stuck with doing only one type of promotion for a certain period of time unless you keep track of switching your link in your profile each time you switch promotion.


But even that isn’t ideal because what happens when someone reads a post about your coaching package but you happen to be promoting a freebie? The link doesn’t work in that case.


I was so frustrated by this limitation on Instagram! Is that the case with you too?


Well, now, I am able to happily promote my Fb group, my freebies, my video training “Stand Out and Magnetize Your Ideal Clients Using Your Story”, my discovery call or even my Fast-Track Intensive WITHOUT CHANGING THE LINK!


Go check my profile.


The link I have in my profile has been created with linktr.ee and that’s entirely free.

When you click on that link, it opens a page with the list of links I want to promote.

And that way, I can have complete freedom to promote whatever I’d like.

When you click on my bio link, you’ll see several options display (go check it out now):

How cool is that?


Now feel free to go on my Instagram now and follow me there and I will happily follow you back!


Have an awesome day!


Let me know your thoughts and what resonates with you by writing a comment below!

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