My Favorite Resources


WordPress with Divi theme: It’s easy, it has beautiful branding without having to transform yourself in a code nerd or hire expensive designers. Since I switch from Wix to WordPress, I’m never going back!

Custom domain name: Go Daddy (Never had any problem with it!)

Hosting: Siteground (hands down the most recommended hosting service in my digital nomad group!)

Website analytics: Google Analytics (it’s FREE, although you need to be a bit techy to set it up powerfully)


Leadpages or WordPress. I started with Leadpages. It was easy but I was using always the same templates. So when I switched to WordPress, I took the same templates as inspiration but I now have my web designer design them in WordPress (same principle, we have template we reuse them, it saves time and I don’t have the Leadpages membership anymore)


I started with AWeber and hated it! ActiveCampaign migrated my funnels for free and the cost per month is 10 bucks less! Happy to have made the switch too! (You don’t know what you don’t know! I definitely don’t recommend AWeber now that I know all I know after using them for a year)

Active Campaign is definitely so much more flexible to build your sales funnel, tag people per interest, I definitely recommend it for the ton of data it provides!

Smarter Queue is a great tool I started using that I love about scheduling your Social Media posts on you Facebook Page, your Facebook Group, your Instagram and much more!

Grammarly As a non-native English speaker, I realized I was making mistakes in advanced grammar and spelling when friends started kindly mentioning them to me. If you have a business where you write in English (even if it’s your native language) I highly recommend you to get that app. Their annual plan corrected 2,000 mistakes on my copy since I had it. You have to get the paid plan to get access to the advanced corrections which are definitely why it’s worth it! What I like is that it corrects automatically in emails, FB posts, my newsletters etc… Have you tried it out yet? You will enjoy it!


Acuity Scheduling – Stop playing phone tag for scheduling appointments and make it easy on you (and your prospects!) to book discovery calls. Acuity is my new friend. You’ll never lose hot prospects to email or phone tag again. What I love about it that my previous scheduler Calendly didn’t have: I can use a coupon, have a gift certificate and I integrated it with ActiveCampaign through Zapier so that I can sell my digital products and trigger my sales funnel 100% automatically!

Zoom is the best for having my coaching calls, discovery calls. I also use the recording option to record any step-by-step video for my clients or my team members. I love that you can share screen, share a white board and also do group calls with 100 attendees for up to 40min in the free version!


I do everything in Google Docs, I share docs with my clients, share links to freebies, my clients and I can work together on the same document instantaneously. My team members and I share a folder and we can all work together, make suggested edits or post comment on a doc. For my Digital Nomad lifestyle, it’s a MUST!

Google Drive – This is my office and where some people have a mess on their desk, I have a more or less organized mess on my Drive! Everything is backed up which means if I have to use another laptop to work, I have everything a click away! Love also that with the Suite pack of Google you have Helpdesk support and everything integrates together and you have a professional branded email address.

Google Calendar – Google’s free online calendar is the simplest way to keep track of your busy life! I do everything in it. It integrates with Acuity (see above), so I can look at my personal and business appointments all in one convenient place!


I use Freeeup for all my recruiting needs. Nathan, the founder and CEO is awesome and super helpful to find for me the best worker right away. They have been able to fulfill all my needs for my team of now 6 freelancers. You can choose if you want freelancers from Asia or North America so it is easy to find the perfect match for the perfect budget.

I use Hubstaff (click this link to get a 10% off coupon for hubstaff) in combination with Freeeup because it allows me to monitor the freelancers and remote workers on my team by having screenshots and activity levels. This definitely became handy to help me choose the most efficient individuals


The Desire Map Journal from Danielle Laporte is absolutely GORGEOUS! And it helps you sync in with your feelings. ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE!


Loom – Faster than typing. Save time with quick videos for free. This is a video communication platform helping individuals and teams unlock the power of video in the workplace. Unlimited recording and storage. HD quality. Instantly ready to share.

Full Page Screen Capture – Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions! The simplest way to take a full page screenshot of your current browser window.

Vimeo – The high-quality home to make, share, and watch videos. A great platform to keep all of your content protected!

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