Over the last week, we passed the milestone of having 500 incredible women in the FB group, Find Your Inner Boss – Create your Online Business for Coaches, Experts

Youhou!! PARTY TIME! If you want to join me in my happy dance, get my celebration playlist on my Youtube channel! Dance all you wish! It is so good for the mood, the mindset and to express yourself! 😉

It’s a unique opportunity for me to share with you how grateful I am that you, my readers, followers and clients are part of this awesome online tribe.

If you’re not already in the group, please know that I share amazing videos, especially LIVE every Monday for #MindsetBooster and Friday for #Biztips at 10 am, that I can not always share with you via email! So please join the group and get even more strategies and business tips from me!

What I also ABSOLUTELY love about the group are the interactions and support each woman gives to one another. That’s why I built this FB group!

Don’t get me wrong! I definitely LOVE having our one-on-one conversation with you through emails.

When you feel like the journey you’re on is tough, knowing you’re not alone and that 500 other women are supporting you and able to give you feedback, cheer you up or sending you a virtual hug or a glass of wine is PRICELESS!

Having a community online who gets you when all your family and friends don’t, makes all the difference in the life of an entrepreneur!

You are always welcome to use the FB group as a support group to test ideas, share your struggles, get your questions answered, etc…

If you also want to create your group of amazing women to support and help them because you know this is part of your purpose, here is my gift to you! I typically share this document with only my private clients, but I want to give it to you too, to celebrate this milestone. Because what happens to one woman shows to others what’s possible!

There is no competition, only INSPIRATION!

So without further ado, here is your gift: “THE 5 WAYS TO GROW YOUR FACEBOOK GROUP”

Install those 5 strategies as you start your Facebook group!

1. At the very beginning, add some friends (whether they could be ideal client or not because they could be great referrals!!) and let them know you are doing this. You can also create an apology post saying why you did it, (e.g. This is an awesome group because…and I thought you would love it because…), and that of course if they don’t want to stay they don’t have to. (This is only one-time strategy at the beginning)

2. Update your personal and professional FB pages so the link is clearly there in the description. On your FB biz page link your sign-up button to the group and show it on the cover page. On your personal page, share your group publicly.

3. Send a solo-mailer to your list announcing the group and promoting why they should join. (BENEFITS, BENEFITS, BENEFITS)

4. Start adding a brief promo for your FB group in the PS of your weekly newsletter.

5. Add a link and brief promo for your FB group to the Thank You pages of any lead magnets or free content you’ve created…

I am sharing 5 MORE ADVANCED STRATEGIES TO GROW YOUR FB GROUP in my upcoming newsletter, don’t forget to sign up to receive these 5 other more advanced techniques to grow your FB group and choose which 3 of them you will implement next week! https://www.gaellelecourt.com/news

Feel free to post your comments below to let me know which new ways you will implement this week, and of course, send me any questions you may have regarding this list! Let’s keep any other woman in the group accountable too!

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